Thursday 12 September 2013

Making A Change For The Better..

When I was a child, you would get told certain things, but have no care. We got told not to throw rubbish, I did behind my parent's back, we got told not to swallow chewing gum, I did when no one was looking, we got told things that we disobeyed. Now I am older, I realise now I should of listened to my parent's and paid more respect.

Now I am older, I despise litter, and wonder why people are so lazy to throw rubbish in the bin, I understand there are not enough bins around in residential area's as I have highlighted this to my local council, some of the bus stops don't even have bins, and that's normally the only place a bin resides in a residential area.

I will not preach to anyone, because I am guilty of doing thing's we have been warned about. The government advised us to use re-usable shopping bags, the supermarkets are very supportive on this scheme and have re-usable bags of different sizes and styles at every checkout in store. I have re-usable bags, plenty in fact, but I always forget them, and now because I have way too many, on the rare occasion that I have forgot my bags, I have had to resort to using the plastic carrier bags provided for free, that take years to dispose!

I used nappies with Spud when he was a baby, and now after hearing so much about them, I wish I had not done so. I can't change time, and there is no point moping around about the past, instead I can learn from my mistake and improve for next time. I am not too keen on the cloth nappies, and don't think I have the stomach to clean and wash nappies, but what I do like the look and sound of is Eco nappies. These nappies are disposable nappies that actually do dispose. If any nappies are environmental friendly, then these nappies can vouch for that!

When I first moved out, I didn't recycle, nor did I ever attempt too, everything went into black sacks and was thrown in the bin. I am guilty but as I have already mentioned, I can't change what I have done, but I can make a change. Now when something need's to be binned, even organic groceries, they go in one of three bins, the rubbish bin, the recycling bin, or the compost bin. If it's any left over food it goes in the compost bin, if its left over packaging that can be recycled it goes in the recycling bin, and if its anything that doesn't fit the other two categories, it goes in the general rubbish bin.

Do you have any changes that you have made in life to better yourself or the environment  I'd love to know any hints, tricks and even secrets ;)

Until next time,
Jada x


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