Sunday 1 September 2013

Back 2 School With Find Me A Gift

It's no secret I love all things unique, I love to be unusual, not like the rest. I don't follow fashion, instead I wear what I like, I mix and match items of clothing no one else would. The same goes with technology and other items in my life, I don't need the latest phones as long as I have one that does what I need  it to do, but I would make my phone personalised and unique to me! When Find Me A Gift sent me and Spud two rather unique back to school related products, it's easy to say I was extremely impressed!

Find Me A Gift very kindly sent us the following two items to feature in our back to school feature. Individual pictures and more details on each product can be found below.

Chocolate Calculator - £2.99

It smells like chocolate, it looks like chocolate and its even wrapped up in foil like a bar of chocolate. I'm writing this post now wishing it was chocolate, ohh how I do love a bit of chocolate!

Sadly for me but fortunately for the calculator, its not chocolate, it's not edible either, it just smells and looks like chocolate. On sale for just £2.99 down from £4.99 make sure you snap up one quickly!

What it is, is a real working digital chocolate looking & smelling calculator with the basic calculator buttons (numbers, +, -, x, '/.) this would be the perfect gift for teenagers going back to school! It will bring looks of envy from the other children, until they notice your child tapping away on it!

Lunch Bugs Ziplock Bags - £2.99

These super cool sandwich bags are the biggest reason why Spud can't wait to get back to school next week! Spud doesn't have school dinners due to his belly and has a packed lunch every day.

The sandwich bags are extremely easy to open and close thanks to the small 'zip'. The sandwich bags are food friendly and come in 2 designs, a fly and some other creature!

You receive 24 reusable sandwich bags in each box and they are just fabulous! I am quite a chicken and I dislike every single insect their is out there, however I absolutely love these bags, Spud will be the talk of the table come lunch time when he opens his lunch box! I just hope there is no little girls around who are anything like me - scream at the sight of such bugs!!

Don't you just love being different!!! Both of the two items from Find Me A Gift are just absolutely unique, and your be sure to find a gift for even the hardest to buy for on their website!

To find out more about Find Me A Gift, check out the official website here, find them on Facebook here or follow them on Twitter here.

Until next time,
Jada x


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