Monday 2 September 2013

Back 2 School With Stuck On You

Stuck on You are specialist at making their products personalised to your taste. When I say personalised I don't just mean a name printed onto a product, I mean really personalised. At Stuck on You, not only can you add a name onto a product, but you can choose your colours, font's and designs too.

Stuck on You did not send me anything for this feature, as I did not get in contact to ask them. However, I love the company so much, I thought I would bring up the archives and show you some of their products that I love and that I think are perfect for children starting or returning back to school!

Below in no particular order is 5 of my favourite back to school items from Stuck on You.

** Stainless Steel Drink Bottle - £15.99 **

We received one of these stainless steel bottles (read the review here) and both myself and Spud love it! Personalised drink bottles from Stuck on You are spill proof, BPA free and very easy for children to use! Choose from a number of fonts and designs to make a plain white bottle personalised to your child!

** Iron On Clothing Dots - £12.99 - Pack Of 50. **

Stuck on You classic iron on clothing dots are an easy to apply, permanent clothing label. Ifentifying clothing is easy with these quality, machine washable and dryer safe labels. Choose a colour from a choice of 3, choose a font and icon from many and add your child's name to make your child's very own personalised clothing labels! 

** Library Bag - £18.99 **

Stuck on You library bags are quality, easy to use bags personalised with your child's name and one of Stuck on You's original designs. They are perfect for books & their readers and they are great for trips to the library! Chose from 3 different coloured bags, then chose your design and font and off you go, your little book worms have their very own library/book bag!

** Exercise Books - x3 - £12.99 **

Stuck on You exercise books are perfect for children to jot down educational notes during lessons or to do their homework in! The books have 96 - A4 sized ,lined pages. Like the majority of Stuck on You's fabulous items, you choose the design and font for your child to have the most coolest, unique exercise books around!

** Spot Pencils **

Stuck on You's spot pencils come in two packets, one packet of 7 coloured pencils and one packet of 10 HB pencils all 17 printed with your child's name on. The pencils are designed perfectly for little hands and have been designed making them easier to hold.

There we have it, 5 of my favourite back to school items from Stuck on You. If you have not already, do check out my review on Stuck on You where you can find some more of their great range.

Spud showing off his Stuck on You items including the small pencil case!

To find out more about Stuck on You including their fabulous product range, check out the official website here, find them on Facebook here or follow them on Twitter here.

Until next time,
Jada x


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