Horrid Bullys - Lose Sink Ships

by Jada, September 28, 2013
Ahh I could shout right now, hell I could even scream but no, instead I am letting lose with what I need to get out on this post. I am 23 year's old, I am an adult, I am also a mother. To me, with those terms adult and mother, they make me feel grown up, in my eyes, I have always been more mature then others my age, that's mainly due to the fact that I become a mother at such a young age. I know other adults my age, and none could be so heartless and disgusting as to what I am about to talk about in this post.
I am now an adult, adults should be mature, sensible, careful, considerate, respectful, the list goes on. I've known for a while that not all adult's are mature, sensible people, I discover on a weekly basis, so many adults are so poorly educated, they have to insult others. I don't know the ins and outs of every situation, I honestly don't want too, I thought I left this rubbish in the playground when I was in year 6 aged 10.
I've not done many personal post for a while, this is because I have had so much to deal with. My beautiful, clever and amazing boy started 'big' school, the juniors to be precise. I have been working hard on a Halloween feature to bring you lot, I have been de-cluttering the house, I wouldn't say de-cluttering, more sorting through the old and unusable. I have been ill, a chest infection and asthma is not a good mix for the lungs and loads of other things that has refrained me from writing a personal post.
About a month ago, I logged onto my dashboard as I usually do on a daily basis, and was shocked to find a disgusting and vile comment left by an anonymous commenter which was directed at my 7 year old son. A small human being who is so innocent in the big horrid world we live in. I don't know who you are, because you are a COWARD, one you feel the need to insult and racially insult a small child, and two you hid behind anon.
I read your disgusting horrid word's and was shocked, who brought you up you disgusting vile creature? What kind of an animal are you to say such things? I don't like being judgemental but your parent's clearly dragged you up with no proper education. I imagine you didn't get the good stuff in life, or your a parent yourself, who is a total waste of space, who can't give your children a good life. Whatever scumbag shit on my shoe creature you are, just know I don't hate people like you, I feel sorry for you.

The racist comments wasn't enough for you though was they? You wanted to carry on, you wanted to make fun of the disabilities my son has, you went on to call him cross eyed, taking the mick. For your information, not that I should have to tell your rubbish educated brain, my son does not have a cross eye, he has a squint, he also has Astigmatisms in both of his eyes.

My boy, who was 7 weeks premature, who has had 3 operations as it is, does not need your horrid disgusting comments. My son will never find out about your pathetic and useless comments because not a single word of the abuse you left was true. You are just a big adult bully, hiding behind a screen, and not picking on people your own age, instead a small innocent child!
I bet even if your loved and close ones found out about the disgusting comments you left me over a period of time they wouldn't be shocked. I mean, you all must be the complete biggest waste of this earth, have you been hurt? Abandoned? Never been shown love? I am being horrible now aren't I? Well NO I'm not actually I am just sticking up for the small innocent child you left comments for.
My beautiful amazing and clever son has more respect, manners, morals, dignity and value's than you would ever have, and he is just 7 years old. My son has been brought up strong, by a strong minded mother who has had shit throughout her life and who certainly won't take rubbish off the likes of you, scum of the earth.
This post was not going to happen, but after some nasty going on's in the parent blogging community recently, this post had to be written. In all walks of lives, dating back to the Adam and Eve era, woman have fought, argued and been two faced, back stabbing bitches. I have a selective group of bloggers I talk too on a regular basis, and we are disgusted by recent going on's in the community.
Call yourselves adults? Well you better sign up to adult school then my darlings because seriously there is so much shit going on in the world, why do you need to contribute to the bad!? Why do you want to make enemies and be hated? So many bloggers have sadly lost respect for a group of bloggers recently, I am sad to say I am one of those.
When I come onto the blogging scene, I was delighted with the warm welcoming, the gin and cake offerings, the non stop advice and witty harmless jokes. Just like any other bunch of woman thrown together though, lose lips sink ships. For that I think its best I sail my own adventure, why would I wish to stay upon a cruise ship that has so many loose mouths it will sink? Again lose lips sink ships.
I am sorry to my loyal readers and visitors for the swear words contained in this post. This is my little piece of space in the big wide world, on the internet, a place for me to vent and the reason why I started blogging, to write and get the feelings out. It was way too long for a Facebook status and don't even get me started with the Twitter cap!
Now, back to happy blogging yes! I have 3 brand spanking new competitions for you lovely lot to go and enter! GO GO GO!!!
Until next time
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