Monday 16 September 2013

Woolly & Tig - One Step At A Time DVD Review

Out of all the new DVD's Abbey Home Media sent us during the end of August and the first half of September, Spud has been looking forward to one more than the others, Woolly & Tig. Woolly & Tig, Volume 2 - One Step At A Time was released today by Abbey Home Media. Abbey Home Media have also very kindly put aside 3 copies for 3 of my lucky readers/visitors to win!

Spiders are one of the biggest fears in the world, but how anyone could fear cute cuddly Woolly is beyond me. I love Woolly and Woolly loves me, we've been together since we we're 3, he's a nice spider, cuddly toy! Woolly & Tig is a popular children's TV program aired on Cbeebies. Unlike the other Abbey Home Media DVD's we have received recently, Woolly & Tig is not an animated program, and actually followers the adventure's of Tig a little girl and her cuddly toy spider Woolly.

Woolly is a very special friend to Tig, they never leave each other's side and their friendship is cute to watch. Woolly, even though he is a fluffy toy spider, helps Tig through problems and helps to resolve the issue. Woolly & Tig One Step At A Time features 15 short and fun episodes of Woolly & Tig and has been a great send for Spud who has giggled away watching the DVD repeatedly!

Woolly & Tig, Volume 2 - One Step At A Time is available to buy with a certificate U with a suggested RRP of £7 from Asda, Amazon, and other retailers. 

To find out more about Abbey Home Media including other DVD titles check out their website here, follow them on Twitter here or find them on Facebook here.

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Thanks to Abbey Home Media, 3 of my very lucky readers/visitors can also own one of these fab Woolly & Tig DVD's, to enter the competition click here.


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