Wednesday 25 September 2013

Horrid Henry Rocking The World DVD Review

Horrid Henry the popular TV children's show aired on CITV daily and often played back to back on weekends is one of Spud's favourite shows. Spud is nothing like Horrid Henry, quite the opposite to be honest, more on Perfect Peter's side but netherless he loves to watch what Henry gets up too including all his naughty antics!
Horrid Henry Rocking The World was released on DVD on 23rd of September from Abbey Home Media and features six episodes from series 3 (volume 22) lasting around 11 minutes each. The total running time of the DVD is just over an hour long at 66 minutes. The 6 episodes can be found below with a brief description.
Horrid Henry Rocking the World
When Rude Ralph decides that he wants to be an air guitar superstar, Horrid Henry's not going to stand in his way, but someone else will if he lets them!

Moody Margaret, Superstar
Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, and this time Moody Margaret just has to be a superstar, fact!

Horrid Henry Goes to the Theatre
Horrid Henry decides that going to the theatre isn't all bad, specially when it's as good as this!

Horrid Henry, Money Talks
Follow the money, that's Horrid Henry's motto, even when it takes you into enemy territory and you find yourself up against Moody Margaret!

Horrid Henry's Unhappy Day
Horrid Henry's search for the last Gross Class Zero comic looks as though it's going to end in tears, especially when he's up against Moody Margaret!

Horrid Henry and The Special Spa Day
Horrid Henry's Mother's Day present is something really special, something that only someone as horrid as Henry can deliver!
Horrid Henry Rocking The World has a certificate U and is suitable for both boys and girls. Available to purchase now on DVD from all good entertainment retailers including Asda, Amazon,, Sainsburys & many more for around £7.99.
To find out more about Abbey Home Media including other DVD titles check out their website here, follow them on Twitter here or find them on Facebook here.
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