Monday 9 September 2013

64 Zoo Lane - The Story Of The Jungle Ball Review

64 Zoo Lane is a animated children's day time program that has been around for quite a few years now. I remember watching it with my little sister who's now 11, and Spud has been watching it since he was a toddler. 64 Zoo Lane is aired on BBC's Cbeebies channel on a regular basis and follows the adventure of Lucy and her animal friends. The quirky theme tune is something I had forgotten over the years, but I always remember the bit that goes 'and the last one's Georgina, who's incredibly tall'.
Its thank's to Georgina who's a very tall giraffe that Lucy gets to go on her nightly adventures. Georgina taps Lucy's window, and Lucy slides down her back to get to her other animal friends waiting on the ground for her, the adventures of fun then begin. Lucy lives at 64 Zoo Lane which is a magical place, its magical because everything looks normal, but when Lucy takes herself off to bed and her mum calls up goodnight Lucy, Lucy replies back with a goodnight and then the magic begins.

The Jungle Ball is imminent and all the animals are busy finding their dance partners for the night.  All except Reginald, nobody has ever asked him to dance with them at the Jungle Ball.  He sets off in search of a dance partner, but has he left it too late?

64 Zoo Lane is a education DVD with a twist, it's not educational as in a teacher is on the screen with a chalk board, no, the DVD teaches children about problems, challenges and friendship's. It cleverly teaches how to defuse a situation and how to problem solve possible real life dilemmas (because yes kids can have them too, like Spud who got his lunch box mixed for his classmates who's was identical).

The Story of the Jungle Ball features 9 episodes from season 4 lasting around 90 minutes in total. The DVD is certificate U and is available to buy from Amazon, Argos and and many more retailers.

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