Friday 6 September 2013

Back 2 School With Sainsbury's

When our children go back to school there seems to be a never ending list doesn't there? 

Shoes - check, polo tops - check, trousers - check, socks - check,  pack lunch box - check,  drinks bottle - check,  snack container - check,  pack lunch box items - check,  pack lunch box drinks - check,  sports bag - check, and its all thanks to Sainsbury's!

Sainsbury's has everything you need for your little one to start, or to go back to school with this September including uniform, underwear, footwear, pack lunch boxes and accessories, packed lunch items including drinks, stationary and all the bits I may of missed.

The lovely team over at Sainsbury's sent me and Spud a box full of items for him to go back to school with, I was delighted they had everything I needed, because when I next need to stock up again, I know I can get everything under one roof all over at Sainsbury's!


Pack of 3 easy case, unisex polo shirts - £4.50.

First impressions always count, and with these polo shirts, I was impressed. The pack contains 3, yes 3 easy care polo tops, the thing that I like the most is the fact that they are unisex! I don't like it when you go into a shop, and they have loads of girls polo shirts left with the pretty patterned collars and no boys ones. With these polo tops being unisex, there is no wasted time looking for what's girls or boys!

We got sent the polo tops in a size 7-8, Spud is 7 years old and they are a really well fit. The tops have just 2 buttons, are machine washable, tumble dryer safe and easy to iron! For £4.50 I think they are a complete bargain! 

Back Tu School x2 Pefect & Permanent Crease Trousers - £8 

I'm not the biggest of ironing fans, I remember being at secondary school and having to iron one of the school's pleated skirts in our design class, it took me ages and it was awful! These trousers are perfect, they have a perfect and permanent crease, straight down the middle! The crease does not fade easily making it extra easy for me, that's me sorted as one very happy mum!

The trousers have adjustable waist, something I always find helpful as Spud is tall for his age, but average in weight, meaning I have to buy him older years trousers, just for the length! They are machine washable, easy to iron, stain repellent & hardworking and they have a secure hem. They come in packs of two in a grey or black colour. Prices vary from £6-£10 depending on the size.


Socks & Shoes

Back Tu School Coated Leather Boys Shoes - £16

These shoes are a real bargain at £16 and here's why, the shoes are leather coated, scuff resistant, breathable, water resistant and easy to clean. Spud can not do shoe laces just yet, its something we are practicing, so we think its great that the shoes have two velcro straps, making it easy for a child to put the shoes on and take them off!

The bottom of the shoes are firm with a good solid rubber grip. The school shoes are black with a silvery striped pull on tab, and one single silver strike on the side of each shoe. Available in sizes 7-4 priced from £15-£17.
Pack of 5 black socks - £6.50

Odd socks or worn out tights? No problem, head over to your local Sainsbury's for all your school essentials including socks for boys and girls, in a range of different colours, styles and lengths with prices starting from £5. 


Pack Lunch Items

Monsters University Lunch Bag - £9.

Fully insulated with a wipe clean, food safe lining.

Monsters University Aluminium Bottle - £4.50

This bottle will be perfect for your child's lunch time drink, or alternatively as their water bottle throughout the school day.

Monsters University Snack Container.

We love this little container, it's perfect for a fruit salad or for a unwrapped snack!


Pack Lunch Snacks

Sainsbury's Berry Shortcake - 50g pot - 80p.

A blend of crimson raisins, white chocolate coated shortcake biscuits, apple juice infused dried strawberries and apple juice infused dried blueberries.

Sainsbury's Banoffee - 50g pot - 80p.

A blend of dates, pecan nuts, dried banana coins and milk chocolate coated caramel balls.

Sainsbury's Very Berry - 50g pot - 80p.

A mix of sweetened dried cranberries, sweetened dried cherries with yoghurt flavour coated raisins and blanched almonds

Sainsbury's Apricots - 40g bag - 43p.

Partially rehydrated dried apricots are a healthy and great snack for children's packed lunch boxes or break time snack! They are soft, juicy and full of flavour! The small bag also counts towards 1 of your 5 a day!

Sainsbury's Fairtrade Banana Coins - 100g bag.

These Fairtrade banana coin's ensure farmers are paid a fair share for their crops, the money generated helps make a difference in local communities. Unfortunately Spud didn't like these and said they taste like raisin banana's, they don't have a banana smell and taste like any of us expected, but I still nibbled the pack away! The banana coins also count towards 1 of your 5 a day.

Sainsbury's Dried Mango - 35g bag - 83p.

Mango is Spud's favourite fruit, he was delighted that the Sainsbury's fruit snack range contained a mango product! Spud loves them and said they're very tasty! An item that I will stock up on for sure! The dried mango also count towards 1 of your 5 a day.


Pack Lunch Drinks

Sainsbury's Tropical Juicy Water 3x250ml - £1.05.

Tropical juicy water from concentrate containing: 75% juice + 25% water. These fruit slurps come in 250ml cartons and fit easily into a child's packed lunch box! Spud really enjoyed these and only one carton actually made his lunch for school as he had drunk the other two!

Sainsbury's Apple, Raspberry & Grape Juicy Water 3x250ml - £1.05.

Apple, raspberry & grape juicy water from concentrate containing: 75% juice + 25% water. These fruit slurps come in 250ml cartons and fit easily into a child's packed lunch box! Spud has had one of these at home to test out, and although he prefers the tropical water, he likes these ones too, noting that he can taste apple the most.


P.E/Sports Bag

Nike Sports Bag - £19.99

This Nike bag is very big and easily holds Spud's P.E pumps, P.E kit and his water bottle with plenty of spare room for books and anything else he may require to use it for.

The bag has adjustable thick straps with a comforting pad meaning no sore shoulders for your child. Sainsbury's sell the Nike bag in either a blue, white and black (the one Spud has got) or a grey and red colour.


Sainsbury's stock a wide range of products from grocery shopping to accessories, to find your nearest Sainsbury's check out the store locator on the website here.

To find out more about Sainsbury's back to school range, or to view thousands of items Sainsbury's stock and sell, from clothes to toys, stationary to homeware, clothes, garden items and much more, check out the official website here, find them on Facebook here or follow them on Twitter here.

Live well for less with Sainsbury's!

Jada x


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