Sunday 8 September 2013

Unique, Home Made & Hand Made

My lovely big brother Paul is turning the big 3-0 this month (sorry Paul for telling the world), he's throwing a elegant black and white ball which I know is going to be spectacular. Paul likes the finer things in life, anything unique and unusual, pretty vintage items and chabby chique.

Although Paul is into a number of things, I still find it really hard to buy things for him, I've searched high and low, up and down, round and round, in store and online. I thought about vouchers but this didn't really appeal to me, 30 is a special celebration and I wanted to get him something special.

I found the perfect gift, that I hope he will love. It took me a lot longer than I imagined it would take me, but I finally have the present. I have not come across the perfect card yet, you see me and Paul both like unique items, so although I know the card is not for me, I still have to love the card myself. Again I've searched low and high for the perfect card, and I've failed to finding something I know Paul will love, and a card that I equally love too.

I'm not an artist, I'd never class myself even on the lowest agenda, I find it difficult to draw stick people. I'm not a creative designer, not would I class myself as one either, but I do love cute little hand made, home made with love items. So I've decided, I am making Paul's birthday card's, one from me to my brother, and one from Spud to his uncle.

I headed online to my favourite arts and crafts shop, and searched around their fantastic product range from different sizes and different coloured cards. Next I looked for cute little items I could stick to the card, I can't say too much on here because it will ruin the surprise but I am really pleased!

So I've got the card sorted, the present, I've got my outfit and my shoes, but there's always something we forget isn't there? The gift bag! Now I am off on my search for gift bags, I've not tried to make my own style gift bag before, this is sure going to be fun!

Have you got any tips for me? Please do leave a comment if you do!

Jada x


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