Wednesday 11 September 2013

The World As We Know It!

When I was younger, I would remember ear-wigging in the adult conversation's (oh come on, who doesn't ;) you nosy lot!) and I would remember my elderly family member's talking about technology, in actual matter of fact, not just the elderly members, but my parents, aunt's and uncles too. I remember them talking about how everything had changed, how everything was changing and how everything was going to change. This is something that has never left my mind, something I could not forget.

I remember watching a film, and I grew up thinking when I'm an adult robot's will be teaching in school's, food will be made in seconds in a special machine and we would have time machines. Well we are all living in the real world aren't we, so we all know none of them things have appeared in the world, but who know's maybe in a 100 year's or so, the creations will be here, maybe someone will read this blog post and invent it, I own copyright to that design if you do! Thinking about it, seconds turn into minutes, and microwaves can cook food in minutes, so yeah, maybe that's already invented!

One of the most exciting inventions I looked forward too when I was growing up was flying cars, that didn't happen either, but something else much better did, much much better than flying cars, electric cars were invented. You know we've plugged devices into electric plug sockets for years, and that's another thing that wasn't around  many many years ago, electric! It's amazing to know how the world has advanced, the technology we have these day's is simply incredible.

Anyway, I have a tendency to do that don't I, I ramble away and change the conversation, I do apologise sincerely. Yes, so for many moons (as my Grandma would say) we have been plugging plugs into sockets, we charge up our phones, our laptops, our tablets, our children's portable devices, portable DVD players, now, now in the year of 2013, people are charging up cars, yes BMW electric cars! Technology ay, it's absolutely amazing!

They even come in lovely colours too, now I just need to invent a money tree!
Now I think back to the inventions I imagined, and I see and hear about all the new technology, the paper thin, slim line TVs, the smart phones, the portable on the go tablet computers, and I think of what will be around in 100 year's time, maybe BMW will be the first to invent the flying electric car, how cool would that be? It would certainly be very unique!

Due to my Grandma telling me when she first got electric when she was a little girl, I always thought electricity was about 60 year's old, now, thanks to the electricity page on Wikipedia, I now know electricity was first noticed in 2750BC!

You really do learn something new everyday! I'd love to hear your thoughts and read your comments, do you have vision's of technology in the future?

Until next time,
Jada x


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