Thursday 27 August 2015

Planning a 2016 Holiday!? Would You Avoid These Destinations!?

As much as I can't stand the Daily Fail, I'm a single mum and when it comes to saving money, believe me I'm that mum! When my trusted newspaper started charging for their online services, I turned to the DM, not because I am a supporter of them, but just because it's free and to be honest, their articles are in depth and contain more than two paragraphs and one picture.

I'm one of those news readers who like to see the events as well as reading them, unless its an article on Krispy Kreme making the worlds biggest donut, because seeing a picture of one of their standard size donuts makes me go into breakdown mode. There's something about their donuts that just make me want to go to town once a month, because I hate town and would if I could avoid it forever!

Totally not upset that I've not tried this new creation yet! Writes this article whilst food crying!

It's strange how I went from being a teenager who loved going to town to being a mum who avoids it like the plague! Maybe it's because a trip to town isn't just a trip to town when you're a parent!? It's like you're robbing your own bank account of every single penny and bit of dust that remains inside it once you've sorted out the bills and paid back the bank charges because of the direct debits that couldn't leave your account because of low funds.

It's also not as though you can even get to browse items properly, you're in constant fears of the dangers in society around you. Your child thinks it's hilarious to hide in between some clothes, whilst you go into full on breakdown mode thinking your child is lost, or worse, been abducted, out comes a small child giggling away like it was the newest and funniest version of hide and seek. Once you get your breathing back you leave the shop in embarrassment and go to the travel agents to pick up free Disney brochures, anything to keep children quiet.

Talking about travel agents, and getting back to what I originally started the post off with, I read an article in the DM in regards to findings from Simpson Millar about the riskiest holiday destinations and was surprised to find Spain and Greece included in the headline! Turkey I can agree on, it's a country that does scare me because of recent news, and a country I don't plan to visit in the near future.

Spain though!? Wow, to say I'm surprised would be an understatement, to say I'm heartbroken would be an overstatement. You know when you go the fridge and discover someone's eaten your Galaxy bar without even leaving a chunk, it's that kind of feeling! It's that oh damn feeling, you know the one!

I've holidayed abroad in Spain when I was younger, as you can see from the photo above, next to me is my little brother Jamie, we was staying in Salou at that time and had a lovely holiday! Although I've not taken Spud abroad yet, Spain was always top of my list for his first visit abroad, but now after seeing the infographic below, I'm thinking twice about going abroad at all! With all these scary plane happenings as well, I think it's just best to stay here in the UK and holiday at home!

Is there any destinations you avoid at all cost? I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

Jada x


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