Wednesday 5 August 2015

How Peaceful Life Would Be Without A Phone!

My life would be extremely peaceful. I'm sick of telling people not to call me unless it's an EMERGENCY during work hours, and I mean a real emergency, like your arm has fell off and you can't find it. Do you know how much time is lost from my day with my phone constantly going off? Text, calls, messages and game notifications (from games Spud plays).

Unless the phone call/text message is from the school, or about Spud then I don't want to know, I couldn't care less any way but please at least wait until I finish work. 

I don't care what your sister done, your ex is doing or what your mother's cooking. I've seriously had enough of everyone's rubbish, because to be frank that's what it is. I am sick of dropping hints, and straight up telling you, so I'm putting it here for everyone to see, because quite frankly you're not all getting the hint or getting the straight up talk are you? So I'll spell it out for you all to see:


That also applies to my house phone too!

Then there's the other side to phones, where you have to explain to people what you're doing, who's status you're reading, what article you're reading, explain who's text you, who's called you, explain who you're texting, who you're calling, who you're replying too and all the rest.

So just to let you all know, if I go back to a pager for the rest of my lives, understand that its because of all of you lot. The constant stress over my phone, MY phone, something that should be my business, something that belongs to ME, ME, ME!!!

Sorry loyal readers, for having to read something like this, but if you was in my shoes, you'd be doing the exact same!

Jada xx


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