Wednesday 19 August 2015

Back to School: Preparing Your Kids for the First Day Back!

A change of routine is never easy, especially when it involves getting up earlier and making sure you are organised for the new day. Every year thousands of parents and children struggle with the beginning of a new school year, but you don’t need to. From regular bedtimes to beds with desks, here are my top tips for getting back into the swing of things without the tears.

1. Plan Ahead for Bedtimes
One of the aspects of ‘good sleep hygiene’ involves having a consistent bedtime, and this is doubly important for children. One of the hardest things about going back to school is the change in going-to-sleep and waking-up times. When the holidays start, try to implement the same bedtimes as in the rest of the year. Later bedtimes should only be for special occasions. Of course, if your children are already going to bed two hours later in the evening, start realigning bedtime at least two weeks before school starts.

2. Make Back-to-School the Focus
During the summer break, lots of activities can mean kids aren't ready to sit down and concentrate for any length of time. In the last week, make sure these activities are winding down and children are becoming aware and focused on school beginning again. Plan the end of any holidays a week before school begins, and go shopping for new stationary and uniforms together to get them excited.

3. Make Space for Homework
There’s no escaping it: homework is a fact of life. But studies show that when children are allocated a private study area rather than space at the kitchen table, they concentrate more and take more pride in their work. It’s worth considering beds with desks in children’s bedrooms as a solution. In a private place with their own stationery drawers and organisers, children are in control of their own work. Keep all computers, games and phones outside the bedroom. Schedule in time every evening for homework and be consistent.

4. Limit Extra-Curricular Activities
Often a big change from summer to term time comes with the added burden of the reintroduction of after-school activities. Although most children enjoy their sports, music and arts, after the long break going straight into them in the first week can be exhausting.

Remember that children have greater sleep requirements than adults. It’s important that they eat and complete their homework in plenty of time before bedtime. It is also important for children to have their own time to read and engage in imaginative play every day

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