Monday 17 August 2015

Am I The Only Parent...

Am I the only mummy out here who's dreading the back to school palava? From the recent Facebook updates I've seen from a few people, I seem to be on a completely different page to them! So many parents have been writing statuses such as roll on September 2nd, 3rd, 4th etc, get these brats/kids/sprogs back to you school so I can have some peace and other similar statuses.

I love having Spud at home, and as the days go by, way too quickly for my liking, and that September date is drawing closer and closer, my heart years a little more, my eyes well and my brain becomes over occupied.

I think about my boy at school, eating a school dinner which I pay for by his request so he can sit with his friends, ditching his packed lunches as none of his friends have packed lunch, the money isn't an issue, what is an issue to me is I don't know who's cooking them meals, I don't know if they've washed their hands and I don't know how the food is being cooked. I don't know if the kitchen is clean and if they're wearing hair nets etc.

I think about my boy being at school, struggling with his work but too shy to raise his hand to ask for help. I think about him sat there confused, and using his own words, him wanting me for that extra comfort and security. I think about the times when he is alone in the playground, because no one wants to play with him, and it breaks my heart.

We've had a 10 day holiday to my mums in Cornwall, and we've had lots of fun filled days also, with lots of ideas and plans still to take place, I don't like how fast time is going. To think that in a 'few' days time we're going to have to wake up stupidly early, now he attends extra support clubs four days a week, its only one day where we actually get a semi decent lay in, which still see's up climbing out of our beds at 6:30am.

I reminisce with the lovely lay ins we've had during the summer holiday period, we've even seen one 9am lay in which was lovely! We've even managed a few cheeky little cooked breakfasts, something we of course don't have time for on a school morning! We've had days where we've been in our pjs until lunchtime, not a care in the world!

We've even had a morning where we had breakfast muffins with milkshake and chocolate chip cookies, something we could never ever do on a school morning. We've had mornings where we've took our puppy dog for a walk, a really long walk, where as on a school morning we can't even take him for a five minute walk.

We've had days where we've skipped the bed time routine, and stayed up a little later just because we could.

We've had sleepovers on a weekday with his cousins and friends, that's something you can't really do on a school day!

Oh how I'm not looking forward to welcoming them school days back!

Did I mention the ironing? Ahh, how much I despise doing that 10 minutes after I wake up every morning, but now, in the summer holidays, I can iron our clothes whenever I need too, and not 10 minutes after waking up!

I can watch the soaps on time, and not on catch up, just because I've managed to get work and everything else out of the way at a decent time.

So... Is there any other parents out there who like me isn't looking forward to the school days to return?

Until next time,
Jada x