Thursday 16 April 2015

How To Make A Marzipan Rainbow Cake Topper

Now spring is well and truly sprung why not liven up your cakes with a beautiful marzipan rainbow cake topper. Follow this simple guide.
Springtime is always the best time to catch a glimpse of rainbows brightening up the sky. The combination of more sun and those occasional April showers make them a common occurrence and they deserve to be captured in your cake decorating. Although this kind of project would traditionally be executed in sugar paste marzipan is also a great, and tasty, alternative.

There won’t be a pot of gold at the end of this marzipan rainbow, but it will make your cake look like the jackpot.

How To Make Your Marzipan

To create this rainbow cake topper you’ll need plenty of marzipan. Renshaw now make a range of coloured marzipans, so many of the colours you need are ready to go from the pack. For ones that don’t come readymade you can create them by using white marzipan and adding food colour paste. Be sure not to use liquid food colouring, as this won’t colour the marzipan well and can affect the consistency.

Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Take a ball of each colour marzipan and roll them out into sausages that are roughly the same length. Keep them fairly thick as marzipan is not as rigid as sugar paste.
  2. Assemble the rainbow by laying the sausages around a bowl to give them the curve. Use some cooled boiled water to stick them to each other.
  3.  Remove the bowl and use a knife to cut the ends off the rainbow giving you a semicircle.
  4. Leave your marzipan rainbow to firm up for a few hours before fixing to the cake.

To help the rainbow stand up you may need to insert a small length of wire into the bottom ends of the rainbow and then push these into the cake. Alternatively you could create support at either end of the rainbow by fashioning some clouds out of white marzipan.

You can quite easily create some stylised clouds by rolling some various sized balls of white marzipan and then sticking these to the cake around the base of the rainbow with some water.

This marzipan rainbow will brighten up any cake, making a simple but bold focal point. If you don’t fancy colouring lots of marzipan, and struggling to get the shades just right then check out Renshaw’s new range of coloured coloured marzipan which takes the headache out of everything.

Don’t think of marzipan as just something to pop on a fruitcake. You can achieve some beautiful decorations with it, and they’ll taste great too.

Until next time,
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