It's Time For A Spring Clean!

by Jada, April 07, 2015
Spring is officially upon us, it has been for a little while now, but with Spud's 9th birthday and Easter within the last week, a spring clean was the last thing on my mind! However now Spud is off school for the Easter holidays, I don't really have an excuse to not have a good sort out and a good old clean do I?

My friends class me as the hoarder of the bunch, I'm attached to things sentimentally and emotionally, and so do keep a lot of things, birthday cards, christmas cards, gift tags and the like. I don't know why I can't part with these things, I've tried before to part with them, but they have only come back out of the bag they've been placed in, and put back into their original spot!

Then there's pictures and paintings that Spud has done over the years, although I haven't kept every single one, I have kept quite a few, along with memorabilia of events and occasions! I keep invitations in a 'scrap book', along with flyers and tickets to attractions we have been too, I've even kept cinema tickets in the past, although I seem to have got better with that.

I think in my head, it will be a good thing for Spud to look back on when he's older, but then on the other hand I think would he actually be interested in a pile of old rubbish? They say one man's junk is another man's treasure, and although they hold memories for me, I'm not sure Spud will think the same, it could be treasure to me, but junk for Spud!

As I've mentioned a lot recently, we moved to a house in November, and although you may think a house is surely bigger than a flat, this isn't the case, least not for me anyway! In my flat, I had a very large cupboard, large enough for it to be a small room - so that had become Spud's playroom, then I had a walk in wardrobe, a home for all our bedding, blankets, spare duvets, pillows, and all the towels, now they're kept in plastic bags under my already packed bed!

Reading an article from Safestore from fellow mummy bloggers has made me realise, although the space I live in is small, I can work with storage solutions to maximise the little space I have. Shelves are a great space saver, and along with plastic jars, I could put all my hair bands and clips into one of those, a candle either side and voila, a little space saver straight away!

In Spud's room, 75% of the room is filled with Lego of all sorts, and so I thought about stackable storage boxes for that after reading 37 Lego storage ideas, that way there's not Lego all over the side, and all over the floor! Instead they can be kept in boxes safe and sound!

Once the de-cluttering and organising has finished, it's time to do the final part of a spring clean - clean! Boo, it's times like this I wish I had a magic wand, I would say a quick and easy spell and everything would be cleaned thoroughly for me, of course this isn't possible though! 

Wish me luck, and please do share any tips you may have below! If I don't get lost in a pile of odd socks, feather dusters and Lego minifigure heads, I'll be back shortly!

Jada x

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