Monday 13 April 2015

Bringing Back The Memories With A Wish List.

When I was a child, I remember looking through magazines and catalogs, and carefully cutting around items I liked to create some sort of wish list on a piece of A4 paper. I'd have glue all over my hands, plus a little tiny blob that always got on my face that left me clueless every time without doubt, and I'd be surrounded by tiny pieces of cut up A4 paper!

Today, Spud made his very own wish list, only its a digital version made online with the laptop, technology these days. We was originally going to make a traditional one, well not so traditional, but just what mummy was use too when she was younger, however we have no catalogs or magazines, doh - bad mummy!

Leaving Spud with the laptop on the floor for an hour browsing The Works website, whilst I entertained, or more cleaned up after the puppy (two wee's, cardboard all over the floor that he chewed up, and a knocked dog food bowl over!) I was surprised when Spud handed me the laptop with this wish list below staring at me!

I personally think he's done great, and of course had to share the image of his Easter holiday wish list with you all! 

Incase you're wondering, we normally always go away for a little holiday to my Mum's during the Easter holidays, but unfortunately was unable to do that this Easter, so instead, Spud has saved his pocket money, and my £20 extra treat money to have a little Easter holiday shopping spree tomorrow!

He's also added a Pierre's onto his list, but couldn't find a picture of the baguette he wants - garlic and herb chicken with cheese, both sides of the brown baguette buttered, lettuce, onions and one slice of tomato, with a tiny little bit of salad cream!

What are your plans for the last few days of the half term? We'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions!

Until next time,
Jada x


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