Wednesday 29 April 2015

Transforming Our Home With Asda - Part One - The Lounge.

There's still so much that I've not spoken about in regards to mine and Spud's not so new home, and I hope to be able to tell you all about it one day in more detail. On the short, I'm sure you've all read a number of post now talking about the state of the house and how much work it needed and still needs doing.

Once the wall paper was stripped off the walls, and the coven taken down, this was our lounge.
When I first moved here, I thought about giving up one the first day, I couldn't see the potential like everyone else, all I could think about was Christmas being one month away, and the Christmas we would be having in a house like this, but thanks to my family and Asda, we now have a beautiful and perfect front room.

Our lounge at Christmas time - perfect!
Like I mentioned above, I saw no potential for this house, I know Rome wasn't built in a day, but I was upset and looking back I was being rather silly! Thanks to Asda though, who very kindly sent me some lovely items, we now have one place in our house that feels like home - our lounge.

The other side of our front room.
Asda have also very kindly sent items for the whole house, the next post from Asda will be about our kitchen, we're just waiting for our new kitchen to be put in next week, then I'll be talking about all things kitchen then! For now it's all to do with our lounge.

Showing before and after photo's to people can allow them to see the kind of state the lounge was in, but seeing it in real life (in person) would make you understand why I just hope, but thanks to hard work from my family, and some wonderful gifts from Asda, I'm going to show you how you too can transform a wreck into a home!

Before and after photos, the chimney breast had not even been filled in properly!
I didn't actually know how much George (a brand from Asda) sold, until I looked on their website, I was under the impression for so many years that they only done clothing, so I was surprised to find that they do a whole lot more than just clothing as I thought. They sell decorating items such as painting equipment and tools, wall paper, paint.

Dulux white gloss 750ml - £10.50
Dulux 5 Litre - £27.00
They sell lamps, picture frames, duvet sets and toy boxes, they sell shower curtains and bath maths, dinner wear sets and cups, they literally do everything but food!

Teal pebble lamp - £5
George Home Cream Bird Mantle clock - £12
Everywhere in my front room needed to be replastered, that's all four walls and the ceiling, skirting boards needed to be replaced, plug sockets had to be fixed and even light hangings had to be replaced due to the filth and state of the conditions the house was left in.

The filth on the ceiling light fittings.
I picked up some light fitting relatively cheap, and made the room more welcoming by placing this beautiful bird cage lampshade (below) from Asda.

George Home Cream Bird Ball Pendant Ceiling Light - £15.
We didn't come here with many accessories, but luckily family members brought us curtains and net curtains, just for some privacy in the front room, along with cushions, lamps and the lampshade all from Asda, I feel our front room is now complete - apart from a door I am yet to replace!

Home Sweet Home cushion - £12
Teal Stripe cushion - £4
The cushions are one of my favourite accessories in the front room, I received three 'Home sweet Home' cushions (£12 each), and four teal striped cushions (£3 each). The teal pebble lamps also work really well with my wallpaper, and they was a fab steal at just £5 each!

Phone: Already owned.
Teal Pebble Lamp £5.
If your home or a room is looking a little bit sad, don't give up hope on it, it's amazing what a lick of paint and some accessories can do! I've witnessed it first hand, that it can change a room entirely!

With a very big thank you to Asda, me and Spud was able to celebrate Christmas in our new home, knowing we had the lounge decorated and sorted at least!

For all your home needs, check out George Home.

Until next time,
Jada x


  1. You are very good at decorating and colour coding your home. I love the colours you have chosen. I am going to look at their website now as I love those cushions.

  2. Jada, your livingroom looks awesome, I love the style, colour choices and your retro style phone is fabulous. Its taken a lot of sweat and has got under your skin, well done to sticking to it and ASDA has been fabulous. I love ASDA, always great value and sell everything. You and Stud will soon have a prefect happy home. x Great post thank you for sharing.

  3. What a brilliant transformation , it is looking brilliant.
    I am so happy for you Jade xxx love as always

  4. Lovely choices, the wallpaper is gorgeous, I wish I could wallpaper!

  5. Oh it is looking fab, I need to repaint and add some knick knacks around this place of mine x

  6. loving this, the pendant light is beautiful .. its such a lovely colour scheme you have picked.

    We are decorating the whole house, starting in 2 weeks .. eek!