Tuesday 7 April 2015

How to bring Nature into Your Home

Natural elements and materials indoors remind us of the beautiful world outdoors. While you might not get a chance to visit the beach or spend time in the garden every day, you can easily bring the outdoors into your home. Natural textures and materials have a calming influence and add warmth, so it is no surprise they are a welcome addition to any design. Not sure where to start? Check out these easy ideas to get you decorating.

Create an Outdoor Living Area

An outdoor living area is a simple way to join man-made structures with nature. Some home builders, such as Coral Homes, use an outdoor living area to join the house to the natural surroundings. The outdoor living area is accessed through sliding glass doors, which offer views across the garden. An outdoor area connects the natural landscape with the building and expertly fuses the two worlds.

Add Recycled Timber to your décor

Recycled timber adds natural texture to your home. It brings warmth and charm to any room, from the kitchen floorboards to handmade furniture. Recycled timber has dried out completely during its first use so it is less prone to cracking. The timber will retain many of its natural features, like holes and knots. Aside from looking freshly plucked from nature, using recycled timber is better for the environment.

Create an Indoor Herb Garden

A galvanised planter or ceramic pot is a perfect home for herbs, allowing you to grow them inside. Plenty of herbs thrive indoors, from basil to rosemary, parsley to oregano. Make sure they receive some sunlight and water and you will be enjoying fresh herbs before you know it. Not only do herbs add plant life to your home, you are more likely to use them when they are on display.

Put up a Living Screen

A living screen can section off a room or balcony, providing privacy without feeling cold or blocked in. Screens can make use of flowering or broad-leaf plants to create cover and vines will quickly grow over wires, stakes or even string. If you don’t need a large screen, consider using a large tub or planter with bamboo for a little cover. Just be sure to trim it regularly, bamboo grows fast!

Use Garden Accessories Indoors

Instead of placing small fountains and garden ornaments outside, try bringing them indoors. Accessories such as pots or decorative ceramic garden displays can also be placed in the home to add an earthy or natural vibe. You can also substitute indoor furniture for some of its outdoor cousins. Outdoor chairs or lounges can bring a bohemian or beachy feel to your home.

Decorate with Nature-inspired Items

Bring small touches of the outdoors in to your home with nature-inspired elements. Embrace nature’s own decorations, using objects such as pine cones, seashells, fresh flowers, sand or rocks. Alternatively you can use landscape murals or nature photographs to achieve a calming influence in your home. Wicker and rattan are also natural materials that fit beautifully into any home. Reflecting natural elements in your interior can make it feel welcoming and relaxed.

Does your home have natural elements in its décor? What aspects of nature do you like to decorate your home with?


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