Monday 20 April 2015

Our Fun Filled Easter Weekend!

This morning was the day Spud was going back to school after 18 days off for the Easter holidays, we both started dreading today from last Thursday, and it was safe to say we was both wearing disappointed and sad faces this morning. It's no secret I have attachment issues, and whilst friends and socialites on Facebook was posting statuses wishing for this day to come sooner to get the 'brats' back to school, I on the other hand only wished it was a longer break.

However, we did fit in as much as we could during the 18 days off, and so I thought I would share the moments and memories here for both myself and Spud to look back on in the future.

Spud broke up really late this year for some reason, he broke up the day before Good Friday on Thursday the 2nd of April, so it was straight into Easter activities with us! It's our first year in a house, so we was able to have Spud's first egg hunt in his very own garden! It was also mine and Gareth's first Easter together, and so we brought each other a little egg.

Good Friday.

We usually celebrate Easter Sunday at my dads house with my my dad, his partner, my siblings, brother in laws, sister in laws and my nephews (Spud's auntie's, uncles and cousins), however due to my dad having other plans this year, we had dinner this year on the Friday.

Dinner was a selection of BBQ food, only the weather decided to mess around, so everything was cooked inside and we was all able to help ourselves. Since there become grandchildren, us now grown ups stopped receiving eggs, and instead we all just buy for the kids, so the kids was given their eggs from each of us, and my dad and Liz put on a Easter egg hunt which is the usual tradition. Only this year, there was an adult egg hunt too, where I nabbed myself a miniature bottle of Disaronno, and a Cadburys creme egg - perfect!

Easter Sunday.

This was my first ever time since leaving home at the age of 15 that I was responsible for cooking a traditional Easter dinner! Ever since I can remember, Easter has been just as big as Christmas for me and my family, we're Christians and do believe in God, although we're all shamefully guilty of not attending Church on a regular basis!

So with the tradition of our family, is a three course traditional meal, which seemed like so much to do for me and Spud! Not enjoying the thought of being responsible for cooking turkey, I went for a leg of lamb that I got on offer at Asda the day before, surprised there was even meat left on the shelf, I had a good look and pictured the leg of lamb carved, covered in gravy and mint sauce, delicious!

Picking up prawns and seafood sauce for starters, along with some nice thick fresh bread, I thought of inviting my brother Jamie along, knowing my dad had other plans, and Jamie would have no where to go, it was the perfect excuse to palm my food onto someone else, otherwise I'd just eat tripple portions, which isn't the best for my ever growing belly! Then I invited Gareth along too, it was after all our first Easter together!

Setting the table on the Saturday night once Spud was in bed, I smiled, knowing that tomorrow would be a lovely day. We lost our Nanny Lew last Easter, on Easter Sunday, so Easter got cancelled, and I wanted to make it up to Spud for last year, so the front room and garden was decorated, maybe I did go OTT, but who cares!?

Our Easter Table set up for the morning, where me and Spud enjoyed a cooked breakfast! Before it was reset for four people, as we had my brother Jamie and Gareth join us.
I had purchased bits and bobs here and there ever since Easter items started to appear on shop shelves, excited that we had a house to have a proper Easter in for once! Just like the family tradition, which I don't usually do in the morning I must admit, I even cooked me and Spud a cooked breakfast, his first ever, of which he loved!

Spud's first ever cooked breakfast, Easter bunny crumpet, two hash browns, sausages, bacon and beans, he also had a side bowl full of mushrooms!

Once our breakfast had settled in our tummies, it was time to get on with Spud's Easter egg hunt, his first one in our new home, and his first one in his very own garden! The massive smile that spread upon his face made every worry (mainly worrying about the prawns and if they was defrosted properly!) in my head disappear!

One of the smiles that melted my heart, such a big difference to the year before!
He popped on the bunny ears the Easter bunny had left him, along with the bucket and bag he'd also been left, and we both went off to read clue cards and find all the eggs! I did try to look for little things to put into the plastic eggs, but couldn't find anything suitable or Easter related, so I hid a few mini milkybars around the garden too!

We've still not got the garden done, we haven't even got half the house done yet!
Once all the eggs was found, Spud was able to exchange the empty plastic eggs for a massive Easter basket! Well actually, he had to exchange all the pastel coloured eggs for a Cadbury's Flake Easter Egg, all the empty plastic mini eggs for a Haribo Easter box, and the golden plastic egg got him the big basket!

In return for the golden egg!
I wish I had took a photo of dinner, but I was getting so hot and bothered, standing in the kitchen for what seemed like a whole day, that I completely forgot! However, I luckily sent my brother and Gareth, text message invites detailing the menu!



Fresh prawns de-shelled with or without seafood sauce, served in a bed of lettuce with fresh buttered or unbuttered bread.


Heinz Tomato Soup served with fresh buttered or unbuttered bread.



Slow cooked roast lamb
Sausage meat stuffing
Pigs in blankets

Roast potatoes
Mash potato


Yorkshire puddings


Lamb gravy made with the lamb juices.
Colman's classic mint sauce.



Banoffee cheesecake.
Chocolate cookies & cream cheesecake.
Apple pie and custard.


It was safe to say that everyone was left with clean plates, and we had loads left over! It was the dreaded washing up pile that I dreaded, whilst Jamie entertained Spud, Gareth kindly helped me wash up, dry up and put away, so it wasn't that bad! Otherwise I may of just wished that I had a cleaner, or I would of even considered hiring one!

The surprise photo left on my phone!
The day was then very nearly done, me and Spud said goodbye to our guest, thanking them for a brilliant after noon/early evening! It was then when I was laying in bed thinking of the day's antics, that I found this photo on my phone of Jamie, Spud and Jezeppi - Spud's puppy dog!

Me and Spud hope you all had a brilliant Easter weekend!

Until next time,
Jada x


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