Friday 10 April 2015

Asthma With Me and Asthma In The UK

Ever since I can remember, I've been Asthmatic, I remember being a small child and having to use a spacer for my inhaler, I remember going to various doctors appointments and playing in the corner whilst my parents was updated on my condition and how best to help avoid a dread attack.

In a way, it's a life changing condition, it affects, or can affect me on a daily basis, and it means less room in my bag or pockets to make space for my inhalers, it means making sure wherever I go, no matter the distance I am away from home for, or how near I am to my house, that I have my blue inhaler (the reliever) with me, if I am away for the night, or on holiday, I also have to take my brown inhaler with me (the preventer).

Finding a infographic today has made me question the daily task I do, and how best to avoid my Asthma symptoms playing up, to discover 3 people in the UK die every day due to Asthma is honestly extremely worrying. After reading through the infographic, I've decided I am going to sit Spud down this evening and tell him how dangerous mummy's asthma can be for me.

Hopefully it will give him a better understanding of why sometimes I can't participate in certain activities, why sometimes when I am chasing him around the local park or garden, I get out of breath and need to sit down, because really it's my chest tightening up, and slowly my breathing is getting worse, if I tried to carry on, I know without a doubt I would soon enough be having an asthma attack.

All my inhalers are kept in the medicine cupboard out of reach of Spud, but as soon as I finish writing this post, I am going to move them to a place Spud can easily reach for me, just incase he ever needs to help me in an emergency. I'm also going to go over our new address with him, and always make sure our keys are in a safe place that he knows of, just incase an attack happens at home.

Have a look at the infographic below, if you suffer with any of the symptoms, book an appointment with your doctor, Asthma can and does kill. If you're Asthmatic, please make sure you always carry your reliever around with you, if you have children, make sure they know the risk and what to do in an emergency!

Stay safe,
Jada x

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