Friday 21 October 2016

A Festive Checklist For Those Who Forget The Little Things In The Run Up To Christmas!

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Christmas truly is one of the most wonderful times of the year, especially when you have little ones! Seeing their faces light up at the name Santa Claus and remembering how excited you were for Christmas when you were little brings back the most special of memories. We can also keep kids’ behaviour in check easily by vague threats of them making the naughty list, and let's not forget making paper snowflakes and writing Christmas lists!

Baking gingerbread men, constructing gingerbread houses for them to live in, filling stockings and seeing the sheer excitement of a child on Christmas morning - it's all worth every bit of stress and effort! However, it's easy to forget, Christmas with kids is a lot of stress and effort! Fighting with another mum over that top-of-the-Christmas-list-toy, accidentally burning the turkey, forgetting the Christmas pudding and trying to find one at 5:30pm on Christmas Eve. Remember, there are ways to make this all easier and save yourself a tonne of stress. Here's a list of the most common things for people to forget in the mayhem that is the build-up to Christmas.

Spare Light Bulbs
Everything is going well.... The kids have opened their presents and are playing with their toys. Everyone has eaten and your grandad is snoring in front of the telly, your husband has miraculously offered to take care of the dishes.... Then pow.... The whole room is plunged into darkness as a bulb gives way on the Christmas tree and the whole thing cuts out. Hardly ideal, right? Make sure you have a spare set of bulbs to replace any duds or blown bulbs during any time over Christmas. Invest in ones for both indoor and outdoor use as chances are, come boxing day no stores will have any left!

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Christmas Dinner
It's the centrepiece of the occasion! Eyes glisten as you serve up the turkey, hands reach for pigs in blankets, gravy is poured and crackers are… the horror! You forgot the crackers. Okay, forgetting crackers isn't going to completely ruin your festive celebrations, but they're a lovely addition to the Christmas table! Chances are, you’ll remember all the trimmings for the dinner but will forget to spruce up your table, so get red or green linen table runners, scatter confetti or mini crystal pieces over the table, lay out the crackers and wrap your cutlery in cute and pretty napkins available from budget chain stores.

Year after year we never learn our lesson. Your children open up their new toys and tear open the packaging only to see the dreaded phrase - “does not include batteries” or “requires batteries”. Avoid disappointment by stocking up well on AA and AAA batteries beforehand. Store them away from your kids and put the batteries into their toys yourself and never leave children unsupervised with batteries. To save yourself a fortune with batteries, consider buying rechargeable batteries or buying them in bulk.

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Last but not least, don't forget to treat yourself. Get yourself something nice as a reward for all of your hard work. There are bound to be little bits and bobs that you're about to forget, but let them slide. Have a relaxing day and don't focus on what's missing - focus on everything you've achieved!

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