Monday 10 October 2016

Can You Remember When You Was a Child?

Can you remember when you was a child, and stress didn't exist?

Can you remember when you was a child, and life was so easy?

Can you remember when you was a child, and going to town was fun?

When Christmas seemed to take forever to come around, and now it seems to be here so soon after the last one.

When you had no care in the world?

When you had no worries, apart from worrying about making Santa's naughty or nice list?

When you would fall over, and your parent was there to kiss the sore knee better?

When you was ill, and your parents would help you get better?

When your parents would tell you how you deserved the best in life, but yet you seem to get all the rubbish in life?

When bills was something your parents spoke about.

When you really did think money grew on tree's and apples was made in a food factory.

When the world didn't matter to you, only your family, friends, Santa and your toys did.

When learning how to ride a bike was one of your fears, or riding the biggest rollercoaster at Thorpe Park.

When missing your favourite band on Top of the Pops was the worse thing that could happen.

When getting a spot on your face was a reason to pretend you was sick to get time off school.

When the opposite sex (or same sex) started to become more appealing, when they lost their germs and lurgies and suddenly boys wasn't so disgusting no more.

When learning the latest hair style was the only thing that made it to your diary.

Then adulthood hits.

Real life starts.

Make your children's childhood magical, let them grow by the day, don't let them be older than their years, life is too short, life isn't perfect forever, and grass isn't always greener on the other side!

Jada x


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