Saturday 3 December 2016

Easy Ways To Make Your Home Look Better (Whilst Still Living A Regular Life)

Most people dream of having a Pinterest-worthy home - but know it would only happen in another universe. The reality of owning and running a home is far beyond what we all see on social media or in interior design magazines. If you are single, the dishes pile up, and if you have kids, you can't walk more than a few metres without stepping on a toy or a piece of Lego. That's without even mentioning all the wires and extension cables spilling out of devices just to keep your home lit up.

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Unfortunately, there are just some things we need to have in our homes that most interior designers conveniently move out of the way during a photoshoot. So what exactly can you do to carry on living your regular home life, but make it a bit more aesthetically pleasing?

Have More Plugs Installed
A lot of us find that we are low on mains power sources in our homes. Or, sometimes, we have plenty of plugs, but they are in unfortunate places, such as right behind where you want your sofa to be. When we don't have enough plug space, the first thing most of us tend to do is to reach for the extension cable. Whilst this is an easy and practical solution, it is not without its faults. A handful of wires trailing across the middle of your floor not only looks unsightly, it is also a trip hazard. If you are really struggling to use all your appliances when you want to because of a lack of socket space, you might want to think about getting some more installed. 

Invest In Subtle Home Security
Think of home security and you probably think of a bulky alarm box in your hallway, and accusatory security cameras darting looks around your driveway, but in reality, the home security sector has come on in leaps and bounds throughout the last few years. It now understands the consumer's need for home security that is both subtle and stylish, to match the rest of the modern home. Smart home security, in particular, excels at this, with touchscreen panels available for your home. You can click here to find out more about an alarm system that doesn't ruin your house aesthetic.

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Bring back the toy box
Keeping a home tidy when you have children obviously isn't an easy feat. Your children just want to play - they don't understand that having a messy home makes mum stressed. If you decide that it's time for them to have a little more responsibility over putting their toys away, it could be time to bring back the toy box.Having a large chest to keep all the children's toys in means that they can all be kept in one place and this way, you avoid any going missing too after being left on the floor for days on end. You could even go the whole hog and put a mini storage box in each room to collect toys in at the end of the day. This way, you don't need to make multiple trips back and forth from your child's bedroom picking up various toys - just pick the box up and take it all in one go.

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