Thursday 8 December 2016

The Syrian Crisis: 5 Facts Everyone Should Know

For almost five years, Syria has been a country of conflict and anguish. Millions of men, women and children have been forced to flee their homes in fear, with the hope of finding solace elsewhere.

However, thousands of others have not been so lucky. It’s an ongoing problem, and unless we act now, it’s only going to get worse.

With your kindness and support, we can help provide life-saving assistance to the people of Syria. One of the easiest ways you can make a difference is by giving a charity donation. If you’re religious or not, you could donate Atheist, Christian, Hindu, Buddha or Muslim aid by Human Appeal and other similar organisations. Whether you contribute on a regular basis or give a one-off payment, you’ll be doing your bit to help end the suffering of so many people. 

While you may have an understanding of the Syrian crisis, you might not be aware of just how devastating this situation is. To help you recognise the true scale of the problem, here are five shocking facts everyone should know.

1. 4.8 million Syrians have fled their homes
It’s no surprise that so many Syrians have fled their homes. The situation in their country is dangerous and confusing, leading to millions of men, women and children leaving in the hope of finding comfort and a better life elsewhere.

2. Three million children are out of school
Due to the ongoing conflict, there are millions of children who are no longer able to attend school. In fact, according to the United Nations (UN) children’s agency, the war has resulted in the reversal of 10 years of progress in education for Syrian children.

3. Over 200 medical facilities have been attacked
Since the war started in 2011, there have been over 200 attacks on medical facilities, with over 600 medical personnel being killed. Medical care is urgently needed, as well as trained and knowledgeable doctors and nurses to help those who are ill and injured.

4. An estimated 400,000 Syrians have been killed
Earlier this year, the UN estimated that, so far, 400,000 Syrians have died in the war, with around 15,000 of these being children. As the conflict continues, this number is expected to increase.

5. Around $3.2 billion is needed
The UN has said that it will need around $3.2 billion in humanitarian assistance to help the people of Syria. At the moment, approximately 70 per cent of the population is without access to clean drinking water, and one in four people are without food.


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