Friday 9 December 2016

Adding Soft Colours Into Your Monochrome Home.

For the last 18 months, many homes have lost all their colour, favouring the monochrome trend that has taken over the home interior scene, whilst my home hasn't got on trend with the grand scheme of things due to the whole house needing to be replaced, well interior wise that may as well be the case, I have found myself buying black and white monochrome items quite often.

HOWEVER, I love colour too much to block it out of my life, especially in my home. So I'm stuck with a dilemma, do I follow the trend which I like but don't love, or do I be the non sheep that I've always been and just start following to only stop halfway through the trial and take my own direction?

The decision is hard, I'm not good at decorating, heck I can't even pick up the right paintbrush when it comes down to it! So redecorating over and over again isn't an option, one because it's a financial cost of paying the professionals and two its the stress that I just can't be asked for, I like things done to perfection, and good work takes good time.

This could only be in one room too, there is no way I could have a full house full of the same colour, plus there is the fact that this isn't just my home, it's Spud's home too. Yes I'm the adult, I'm the one who makes most of the decisions, but I want Spud to have an influence in our home, I want his input on what he likes, what he doesn't and I want both of our ideas to work together.

There is also the financial cost to consider, I have already spent a considerable amount on my lounge flooring, it comes with a 30 year guarantee, so do I really want to be pulling it up after less than two years - quite simply no! Besides, we all know good quality comes with what you pay for a product, pay cheaply and you'll have cheap, pay higher and you'll have nice.

You can however shop around on a budget, one of my favourite more expensive stores is Cox and Cox, where the bundle of 10 blush candles are from for £8.50. Six years ago I would've said never, and headed to a local bargain store, but working out at 85p a candle, you really can't call them expensive can you? Besides, I'm always looking around for deals and discounts be it in the form of free delivery, or a small percentage off, every little saving counts, so be sure to check out discount code websites to see available coupons and discounts at your favourite stores.

I like to think of savings in the home as a saving for another task, or mission, or even a nice day out. Saving £1.50 by buying 10 candles for £8.50 instead of £10 doesn't seem like a massive saving, but add 10 of those £1.50 savings up and you've got £15 in the kitty. That's £15 to treat yourself to a new home accessory, or even a nice small treat for your seasonal wardrobe, or in my case - it pays for me and Spud to have a nice dessert at our favourite dessert parlour!

Shop around for your home, give it the feel you want, but do it on a budget for the two in one satisfaction guarantee!

Until next time,
Jada x


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