A lot of things annoy me when it comes to being plus size, if I was asked to pick my top 10 hates, I'd struggle because many of them annoy me as equally as the next, but one thing that frustrates more so then the others and would easily top number one on the list is the ugliest fashion. It's like when you have a few extra pounds, you need to dress way older than your age and even era - I HATE that and it's one of the reasons why I am aiming to lose a few stone next year, but it shouldn't be like that should it?

Whilst many companies do their best for the larger market, taking a walk down the high street leaves you with so little choices, and I know the plus size ladies of Reading are feeling me right now. Thankfully though, we have the internet and whilst some find it utter hassle, I personally find it the best way to shop around without being left red faced in the fitting room.

This year is my fourth year of working for myself, but I still like to have an annual Christmas meal - Unique Young Mum is like my second third child (Spud being one, Zeps - the dog being two), besides, any excuse for a meal out and a drink is good with me! I'm sure my fiance Gareth will agree too as I spend so much time working, it's rare that we get date nights together these days.

Whilst shopping around for my outfit this year, I decided to do things completely differently, I went to my makeup drawers and found the shade of nail varnish I want to wear, every occasion I need to dress up for - I always make the mistake of buying an outfit first and then struggling with a nail colour after, this time it's different. Going with one of my favourite O.P.I nude shades, I had a colour theme in mind and let me tell you - it was soooo much less stressful, the least stressful shopping experience I've had since I was in my mum's tummy!

Finding a dress for 50% off in the sale at Evans was an absolute bargain, and funnily enough, I wasn't even going to check Evans as I've not favoured any of their dresses recently, I am so glad I decided to check it out! Getting a dress for £35 instead of £70 left me with some extra money to play around with, and after spotting a beautiful ring in a window display at F Hinds on a quick trip to town priced at just £29.95, I had to search the website and treat myself to it - lets just call it a Christmas present from Unique Young Mum to me!

I've decided to brave it out and wear heels this year, I may regret it, but I'm hoping a few alcoholic drinks will numb out any regretness and more so pain if it comes to it! I think I may have to find my Rollasoles and stick them in my bag just incase, but us ladies are never given enough room in clutch bags are we? Talking about the bag, that was a fab steal on eBay costing just £10.95 with free P&P, but be careful as lots of sellers are selling the same bag, some with free postage and a higher price tag, some with a lower price tag but expensive p&p fees, really do shop around for everything you're after!

Now I've just got to sort the face and hair out, fortunately one of brothers is a hair dresser, and I trust no one else with my hair, so I'm hoping he's free. As for the make up, I'm going to go with a natural face as much as possible, but this girl can't be anywhere without her Eylure Volume 101 false lashes, or my soft pink lippy - which will go perfect with the shades I'm wearing that night!

Wish me luck - to wear those shoes of course ;) 

Jada x
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