Friday 9 December 2016

Keeping You and Your Home Warm During Winter.

As winter starts to slowly creep upon us (21st December - so only a matter of days away!), it's time to start thinking about keeping yourself, your family and your home warm - if you've not already done so that is.  With studies finding the cold weather more deadly than heatwaves, now is the best time to get your home ready for the winter chill. 

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Many people believe that if they wrap up warm when they go outside, they're protected from the cold weather, but this isn't true. Of course making sure you have a decent winter coat which keeps you warm and the warmth in is essential, but you also need to consider what is under your coat, and even what footwear you have on. Wearing gloves, scarves and a hat are also essential winter accessories, but make sure they're for the season, a summer hat isn't going to do, nor is a thin fashionable scarf.

Is Your Property Ready For The Winter Chill?
When I was a voice for young mums, a common financial problem with the young parents visiting the group was not knowing how to minimise the coldness, instead their answer was to whack the thermostat up to it's highest point (usually 30) and let it eat away at their gas money, a simple way to minimise the coldness is by checking for draught spots, draught excluder can be picked up for as little as a few pounds and not only help keep your home warm but it'll also double up as a cute home accessory.

Another way to keep the heat in your home this winter whilst keeping the heating cost down is by purchasing a new heater, you can pick them up inexpensively from electric radiators direct being sure to make your gas go further, whilst keeping the home warm. Be sure to only use the heating when you're in, or set up a timer so it comes on 15-20 minutes before you wake up and before you're due home.

Are You Ready For The Winter Chill
Another way to keep you warm this winter is by eating good homely and hearty meals, if you don't own one already I recommend investing in a slow cooker, that way you can pop dinner in the slow cooker and let it cook all day whilst you're working. It's then just a matter of coming home from work, taking your shoes off, and dishing up dinner. My favourite slow cooked winter meal is a lamb or beef stew with homemade bread - delicious!

Whilst it's a form of common knowledge for many of us, many people - one being my son Spud, don't know the importance of keeping your feet warm. It's a well known myth that we lose heat from our heads - but so many think that's the case so invest in expensive snoods to keep themselves warm. However, a simple pair of socks and/or slippers will do the job.

If you're feeling cold in bed, it may be worth investing in a thicker tog duvet, or even going that extra step further and treating yourself to an electric blanket. Whilst I don't like Spud having his own electric blanket, I do make sure he has a thicker tog quilt for these colder months, and a thinner tog duvet for the warmer months.

By taking small steps, you can keep your home, yourself and your family warmer this winter, whilst keeping the cost down too.

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