Monday 19 December 2016

New House? What You'll Need First.

If you've just moved into your extremely bare, new house, there are certain essentials that you will need to buy first. Here is a list of the most important things you will need for your home.

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Gas and Electric
Your electric and natural gas utilities will heat your home and provide you with lights and power. The amount of your gas and electric bill will depend on usage, which is directly related to the size of your house and the amount of natural gas and electricity you need. You can make your house more energy efficient by updating weatherstripping and caulk, buying energy-efficient appliances and having your heating and cooling systems regularly inspected and updated.
Your water utility needs to be turned on in your house, and that is run by the local water utilities commission. Your monthly bill covers the water you use in your home; everything from drinking water to what comes out of your shower to wastewater. You are charged based on the size of the meter in your house as well as the amount of water you use. Costs vary depending on how big your meter is, so be sure to check your meter size before you move in so you know how big of a fee to expect.

A boiler doesn’t just heat water. It boils it. It turns water into steam. Steam is a light, cheap, safe medium in which to transport heat from where it is generated to where it is needed. It is denser than air, so it can hold more heat than just air alone. It’s lighter than water, so it takes less effort to move. The cost of boiler installation is often more expensive than the boiler itself, so you need to know what to expect before you contact a qualified boiler engineer. Don't try doing it yourself! You need a professional for this one.

Fridge and Freezer
You're going to want to get a fridge and freezer to keep all your food fresh. Without one you're not going to have a lot of different choices of the food you buy from the supermarket! Fridges come in all different sizes and usually come with a freezer already built in, so you won't need to make two purchases.

Washing Machine
If you don't feel like washing all your clothes by hand, you will need to get a washing machine. Nowadays they have so many different features to them that they are classed as a gadget. They often have cycles depending on the type of thing you want to wash, as well as colour options, temperature, and length of time.

Shower/Bath and Sinks
Deciding on a bath or shower all depends on personal preference. Some say showers save you more money, and other say baths, so it mostly comes down to whether you prefer to soak in a bubble bath or a shower. Don't forget to install your sinks in the bathroom, kitchen and anywhere else you may want them.

Of course they'll be other things you'll need to buy, but start off with these essentials first, full your house with love, and it will soon become home.

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