Monday 5 December 2016

Give Your Kitchen That Expensive Feel With These Top Hacks

When you're a parent, and you have a family, your kitchen can become the hub of the home. It will always be the place you cook or bake, but it could also be a place where you congregate as a family. Perhaps your children will do their homework at the kitchen table, or you may eat with your loved ones at the end of the day. However, we all know that a kitchen has a hefty price tag when looking to replace it. So I thought I would share my top hacks for creating an expensive looking kitchen, without forking out the huge budget.

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Self-Shutting Kitchen Drawers 
When you look at new kitchens, the one thing that draws me into them are those self-closing drawers. It’s like an expensive gadget you never knew your kitchen needed until you witnessed it, but you don’t have to buy a new kitchen to get that effect! You can now buy soft close drawer slides - meaning no more slamming of the drawers in your home. Just adding this alone could give the impression your kitchen is new, without ever replacing it!

Give Your Cupboards a Lick of Paint
Sometimes the easiest of makeovers can make a huge difference to our homes, and that means a lick of paint can go a long way. Why not consider repainting those kitchen cupboards in a different colour? It could make a huge difference to your existing kitchen. Certain colours can make a room feel bigger, so could work well if you have a small kitchen to work with.

Change the Colour Scheme of Your Accessories
Your accessories in your kitchen can change the way your kitchen looks. A new kettle and toaster can add a different element to your already existing kitchen, without much money being spent. You might want to change the colour scheme or theme of your kitchen. Perhaps going from modern to vintage, with just a few simple changes it’s possible. This is something that can be done over a period of time, meaning the cost can be spread.

Declutter Your Kitchen Work Surfaces 
Decluttering your work spaces and getting rid of things like piled up paperwork can make a big difference to how your kitchen looks. Having a more minimalist approach to your kitchen work surface, There are some great tips online, or the book brought out by Marie Kondo could help you feel insured to declutter not just your kitchen, but your whole home.

Make One Change For a Big Difference
Finally, just making one change can be the game changer when it comes to your kitchen. Who says you need to replace the whole room at once? This could be as simple as changing the light fitting to give your room more light. Or perhaps changing the flooring to something different or adding some tiling to the walls. You could just paint the walls and see the difference it could make.

I hope this post has helped you realise that you can change your kitchen in smaller ways to have a much bigger impact.

Until next time,
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