Wednesday 23 November 2016

Wildlife - What's Your Favourite?

When I was younger, I was never one for wildlife or the natural beauty the world gives us for free, but as I've become older and wiser, I've become quite a keen fan of the natural beautiness shown in the world. I'd not go as far as saying I'd travel to another country just to get a look at a lion in its natural habitat, however I do notice things more now, that I wouldn't notice before, like beautiful birds singing in the tree's, and seeing as as I have a huge tree at the bottom of my garden, I see many a day.

When we lived at the flat, we didn't get to see much wildlife, we did however have regular visits from a fox, or maybe a few. I could never get closer to them though as Spud would always be tucked up in bed fast asleep, and living above ground floor level even a decent photograph was impossible with the camera I had back then. I soon started to feed the fox (I don't know if that's allowed!) by leaving food in the regular spot it would visit, and I'd watch as he/she would have a meal without having to fight off other foxes and wildlife.

Talking about wildlife, whilst searching for a Christmas cake recipe, I come across the Rattan Direct website, which led me to snoop around and I found a little wildlife poll encouraging readers to vote for their favourite wildlife image. It took seconds to vote, and I'm sure the photographers behind the pictures would love for their image to get a vote or two! Voting takes a few seconds and is super easy, just click here to vote for your favourite image.

I'd hate to influence any decisions, but I will say you'll have your work cut out due to each image being special in its own way. I clicked on each image a number of times, thought I'd had my mind made up, only to change my mind last minute and click on one that didn't make my top three. That's the beauty of wildlife - ALL of it!

Now I'm wondering if our wildlife see us as their wildlife?

Jada x