Tips On How To Find A Job.

by Jada, March 26, 2015
I sadly hear way too often of people looking for jobs, it's a big old world out there and with more of us being born on a daily basis, it is a fact that there are more people than there are jobs. However, we have to take away the thousands that can't work due to certain reasons, and those of the certain age who are entitled to retirement.

I do sometimes think that people don't try enough, I have helped a few family and friend members over the last few years by helping with CV's and giving good adivce and tips, so I thought I would make a post sharing what I know, and hopefully help someone else find a new career.

One: Your CV.

Your CV should be just that, yours, that means nothing should be copied and pasted, and it should always be truthful. Nowadays, CV's are one of the first points of contacts, especially if you apply for jobs online, so just as you would with yourself, make first impressions count.

Make sure your CV is in a presentable manner, keep the font's clean and simple, making sure the font is also a nice size, presentation is everything so try to make sure everything is centred, or aligned to the left hand side.

Two: Yourself.

Handing out CV's or looking for application forms in your local town or city? Great! Not everyone has time to check the shop windows, so you're doing great, however, are you doing great when you're job hunting in a scruffy tracksuit? NO!

Make sure, just like your CV, you're clean and presentable, I'm not saying go job searching in a full suit, but it wouldn't hurt to wear a pair of smart trousers, shoes and a shirt, or even a nice casual outfit.

Also make sure you're confident in the way you speak, if you appear nervous to ask for an application form, or to hand in your CV, it may be off putting for a potential employer. Smile, be friendly and make eye contact, it all helps.

When attending interviews, make sure you've made an effort, don't go overboard, but make yourself presentable. You could potentially be working for a company very soon, and representing them, make sure your personal hygiene has been sorted (yes I'm talking about brushing those teeth and spraying those armpits!) you're wearing your best clothes and please make sure your hair has at least been combed!

Three: Searching

Searching for jobs is so diverse now it's hard not to see opportunities, search for job vacancies online and in your local area. I find searching online is much easier for me, I'm a parent and taking a child around with me job searching isn't the best, also what about the weather? I could spend hours on my appearance only for the typical British weather to ruin that within seconds!

Four: Volunteering and Training

If you've been out of employment for a while, why not try your hand in volunteering and/or training? Volunteering and training courses can lead to a permanent job, so find courses local to you and hop on board, after all, nothing else is occupying your time if you're searching for a job!

Five: Don't Give Up

Giving up is easy, if you're looking for a job, surely you're looking for a challenge? Not many jobs have you doing the same thing on a daily basis, for example in retail, you will deal with different customers in different moods on a daily basis, be open for a challenge and make your challenge in finding a job!

Good luck in your searches!

Jada x
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