Thursday 5 March 2015

Learning To Drive Now and Then.

I'm reaching the grand 'old' age of 25 in April (figure of speech before anyone takes major personal offence!) and I've decided that its time to sort my life out, in a very big, or maybe not so big way! Where I had Spud at such a young age, I understand that others my age who are childless are doing things I am only just venturing into.

An example as such is driving, I've been saying it year after year for the last six, possibly even seven years! However, like most things I plan to start, something always pops up in the way before hand, so the learning to drive road has always been put back, much to my dissapointment!

With every new year, comes a new summer, the summer of that year, and every summer I moan about not being able to just jump into a car, my car and drive to the nearest beach to save yet another disappointing day stuck in with such lovely weather to be seen outside!

So with me approaching another year older very shortly, I've applied for my provisional driving license, something all drivers to be require in the UK, I'm currently searching for instructions as we speak, as I type even... Or however you want to see it but without my provisional being here, there's not much more I can do apart from pick up tips from family and friends!

One thing that has made me write this post, as the title may suggest is the differences between driving now and 'then', my Mum learnt to drive in the 80s at the young age of 17, my mum said her driving lessons was between £10-£12 and would last for 90 minutes, nowadays you pay on average £30-£35 for 60 minutes!

Another thing that makes me wish I was around in those days is the amount of vehicles on the road, every year the world, or even the country gets more and more populated, and along with more people, comes more vehicles. I am quite a nervous passenger, and one of the reasons behind the nervousness is the amount of other cars and other vehicles that are all around you, like they're surrounding you!

Then there's the difference in the cost of road tax, MOT, car insurance and vehicles themselves! Of course, I'm not a driver, so I can't comment on the cost of things now, as I am sure they're all there for perfectly good reasons, especially MOT checks and insurance policies! Being a young age, I'm aware that my insurance may be a little higher than older drivers, however I've found Sm>rt Wheels with More Than.

Having a brand new vehicle would be lovely, but it would also be a dream, and something I just financially couldn't afford! Right now I couldn't even afford a little runaround, but I think it's important I actually know how to drive before I even begin to look at vehicle options!

So yes, driving is just one thing I need to achieve within the next year, I must pass at the age of 25! I'm determined and hopefully I can push myself for that goal! I feel like I'm a quarter of a century old, and not knowing how to drive at my age is just a little disappointing for me personally.

There is other things I'd like to of done by this age, and luckily they've fallen into place (surprisingly!), such as the house, which me and Spud got in November, the relationship, that started blossoming in December and the puppy which Spud would love to have for his ninth birthday!

Once these goals are out of the way, it will then be time to start thinking about the next big set of goals... Like getting married before the age of 30! Because yes, I want to be a bride in her 20s!

Until next time,
Jada xx


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