Friday 27 March 2015

Get Ready for Mr Bunny’s Visit

It’s not long now until our fluffy tailed friend arrives and drops off those chocolatey treats that will no doubt give the little ones an extra boost of energy.
But with the Easter weekend set to be a beautiful one, reclaiming the garden can help them run off that excess energy and give you a little solace whilst they’re running wild.
Easter should be made memorable by more than chocolate, as spring itself has so much to teach the children.
Make It Safe
Before you begin any activities in the garden ensure to make it a safe environment.
After months of neglect from winter it can seem like a jungle has grown out of nowhere, so simply cutting the grass, clearing away any debris, and cutting back overgrown shrubs, can ensure there are less trip hazards, especially for any toddling tots.
If you have a designated play area, give it a clean and check that it’s all still stable. Adding soft surroundings such as these , can also make sure that any potential tumbles won’t cause any upsets.
Add Some Colour
The garden can seem as though it’s been rather grey and dreary, so get the little ones to help you add some colour to make it an outdoor oasis for the entire family.
Taking them along to the local garden centre to pick out pretty flowers can be a great way for encouraging them to learn about the beauty of the garden, as well as making them feel part of the Easter project.
Get Crafty
It can be hard to pull the little ones away from the chocolate, but before you give in, get them to take part in some Easter crafts.
Not only will this help them let loose their creativity, it will also avoid a weekend based completely around chocolate related activities.
Make some colourful spring bunting for the garden and give them some fabric pens to draw their own spring pictures, or create an Easter egg tree with this helpful step-by-step.
There are so many fun craft activities available for all ages, so get researching for any online tutorials that you can use.
Have a Picnic Party
Once the garden is covered in pastel prettiness, and ready for fun and games, an Easter picnic party can be a great way to celebrate the arrival of spring.
Rather than just having lots of sweet treats, add some healthier ‘bunny friendly’ snacks that will encourage them to not just over load of the sweet stuff.
As well as a traditional Easter egg hunt, create other fun and games that will get them running around and burning off all the excess energy. And if the rain does appear at least you’ll have some crafty projects for them to get involved with. Until next time,
Jada x


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