Wednesday 18 March 2015

Five Things I Cant Live Without!

Yesterday, Gareth asked me if I was on a desert island with Spud, and I had to choose between Dr Pepper joining us, or Gareth which one would I choose; him or Dr Pepper. I of course had to ask what the alternative drink was and when he replied water I knew exactly what my answer would be - Dr Pepper.

It got us asking each other random questions whilst passing time waiting for dinner to cook, and then a video popped into my head that I watched on The Source website which you can see below. I know I've not been asked, but I thought it would be a fun post to do and another way to bore my readers with yet more information on me!

Five things I, Jada/Jade/Mummy, can't live without.
Things are not people, otherwise Spud would b 1 to 5!

One: Socks and Slippers.
It's no secret to those who know me that I am an extremely cold blooded person, I'm the woman who feels the cold in a summers day, it's extremely rare for me to go a whole day without feeling the cold of some sort. I hate being the coldest person within every group, and only wish I was warmer, without socks and slippers, I'm sure I'd be hospitalised for shivering or something! If my feet are cold, I'm 1000 times more colder than what I was before! 

Two: Dr Pepper,
I'm undecided if this is something I can't live without or a serious addiction that no one takes me serious with? I know I have gone a day without Dr Pepper before but the thought actually horrifies me, however, so does the total weekly cost of how much I spend on my favourite fizzy drink! I spend at least £2 a day on Dr Pepper, whether that's two small bottles or one big bottle, £2 x 7 (days) = £14 a week, and that's the least, sometimes I could spend £5 a day on the stuff!

Three: Heating,
I always, always moan about the amount of money I top up on my gas and electric meters, well to be honest since we moved in November the cost difference between our new and old property is indeed noticeable, I've had to lend money off my parents a few times since living here to top up the gas thats unexpectedly gone! What's more upsetting is the fact the thermostat can be on 30 but the house is still as cold as a cemetery!  

Four: My Phone.
My mum doesn't live in Reading, she lives four hours away in Cornwall with my little sister (who's now 13) and step dad so one way we keep in touch is via the phone. For Mothers Day 2014, me and Paula (my eldest sister) went halves and purchased our mum an iPhone so she could FaceTime us and vice-versa. I also couldn't live without my phone incase the school or someone else needed me in an emergency to do with Spud, or what if I was out and about and needed to make an emergency call myself? My contract is £35 a month but worth the cost in my opinion.

Five: Steroid Cream and Moisturiser.
Okay, ok, I know these are two completely different things and by rights should read four and five, or five and six but they don't, so I've put them in together. My Psoriasis leaves me feeling absolutely rubbish, especially at the moment, I've never felt so low and unconfident about myself, I have an amazing boyfriend who is reassuring but I still cant help the way I feel, moisturiser has become my new best friend along with my treatment cream!

So there we have it, that's the five things I can't live without, can you tell me in a short comment below what ''Five things you can't Live Without?

Until next time,
Jada x