Friday 1 November 2013

Holy Interlocking Bricks; LEGO® Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite Review

Lego and Batman fans be aware, this post may surprise you, it's been a long time waiting but we can all sit back now with the biggest of smiles on our faces because Warner Bros and LEGO® have teamed up together and released the animated 71 minutes long LEGO® Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite.

Spud is a massive LEGO® fan and a massive Batman fan, when you combine the two you get LEGO® Batman. Spud has many of the LEGO® Batman sets so I knew this reviewing opportunity would go down really well with him.

In true Batman style, before we could even get the DVD into the DVD player so we could sit back and enjoy the film, we encountered a problem... The baddies had taken hostage the Batcave and the DVD, they wanted a ransom to give Spud back the Batcave and the DVD.

They wanted Spud's food! I had prepared Spud a little meal ready for our big movie show. What were we suppose to do? Spud didn't want to lose his food but he really wanted to get the DVD back!?

Luckily enough for us, the LEGO® Batman crew turned up in real LEGO® form and the goodies won back the DVD, me and Spud then resorted to the sofa ready to watch the film!

When Batman and Robin try to save Gotham City from the troublesome team of Lex Luthor and The Joker, they'll need a little help from their Super Friends: Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Justice League. 

If you're familiar with the LEGO® Batman 2 DC Super Hero game you will recognise clips shown in the game, but this time you get to see the full scene thanks to the movie! When the Man Of The Year Awards is being hosted in Gotham City, all hell breaks loose with Batman & Robin facing their enemies, will Batman & Robin be defeated? I would love to tell you the answer but that will be spoiling!

Me and Leo thoroughly enjoyed the DVD and have since gone onto watch it maybe more than I should of (I have deserted other task and watched Batman over and over again!). Animation can be a bit of a hit and miss with movies but the DVD has done extremely well with animation! 

Rated with a PG certificate, the LEGO® Batman DVD is much more suitable for younger children than the film version. Of course, it is suitable for adults too, I found myself giggling away to various phrases!

To watch a sneak peek of the movie, watch the clip below!

LEGO® Batman: The Movie - DC Super Heroes Unite is available to buy on DVD for £5 and BluRay for £7 exclusively from Tesco, you will also receive an inclusive Clark Kent figure. The movie includes an Ultraviolet code and contains the following special features;

All-New Featurette Building Batman.
From the DC Comics Vault: 3 Bonus Cartoons.
A LEGO® Batman stop-motion short.
Winning Shorts from the LEGO® DC Universe Super Heroes Video Contest.

LEGO® Batman the game and LEGO® Batman 2 DC Super Heroes are available to purchase on various gaming platforms as you can see above from Spud's stash! 

Until next time,
Jada x

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