Monday 18 November 2013

You Say What!?

Faculty of Public Health president Prof John Ashton has caused outrage within the last couple of days because of his thoughts on the legal age of sex. Currently in the UK the legal age to have sex is 16 years of age, John Ashton has called for this age to be lowered to 15 years, as he said society had to accept that about a third of 14 and 15 year old's already do have underage sex and if the legal age limit is lowered it would be easier for these teenagers to get sexual health advice.

I am not sure of what my views are on this subject, I became a mother at the age of 16, one month before my 16th birthday, I have been that teenage mother, I am that young mother to a seven year old beautiful boy. I've had the stare's and the abuse thrown at me, a child caring for another child, a wrongen and all the other abuse these low minded people thought appropriate to call me.

I just need to point out, that no matter what the law says, it will be broken and that's not just to do with exploring teenagers wanting to have sex. That's with thieves who steal, motorist who speed, ABSO's that are broken and so much more. Teenagers will not listen to their parents and they will not listen to the law, I am talking first hand here, I was a teenager mother, I am a young mother. No matter how much you preach to your children when they become a teenager about abiding to the law and not having under age sex, believe me, it will not work.

Instead what we can do as parents is teach our children about having safe sex, it's not just the risk of getting pregnant that comes with sex, there is STD's to consider also. We should never encourage teenagers to have sex, but we should encourage them to be safe whilst doing so. I don't know if I would be happy with Spud having sex at the age of 15, but I know he could be doing it without me knowing, I know no matter how much I tell him its against the law and all the rest, rules are there to be broken. My Spud is only young, so its something I don't have to worry about for a few more years, but I know when the time is right, we will have a serious talk and I will remind him of the unwanted problems that can come with having sex, no matter what age you are.

I've read Facebook statuses and I've read comments on forums, calling teenage mothers selfish because you feel like you have the right too, well go and give your self a pat on the back and wear your smile but just know you are shallow and low minded and lets not hope your precious children do not ever go and have under age sex, not that you'll ever find out mind you.

I am not agreeing with the age being knocked down a year and I do honestly believe that the law is there for a good reason BUT we have to think about the older generation too. Is it safe for people with certain disabilities to have sex, do they understand the nature of it all? What about the young adult females who think because they've had sex with someone that person loves them? What about the females who think trapping a man by pregnancy will ever work? Smart people are all different ages, there are people out there who are the same age as me who are a lot more cleverer than me, then there are the ones who are not.

You think teenage mothers are this and that, they are wrong, they want a council place and the money etc, well let me tell you, anyone who has pride that they are on benefits are not normal in the head and the rest leads to my story. I fell pregnant and gave birth at the age of 15, Spud was due a month after my 16th birthday but he was 7 weeks premature resulting in me having Spud when I was 15. I continued on in education right up until the day I had him, and returned to education when he was four weeks old. I have worked on and off and have paid my taxes like most of you to fund these low life scumbags who we see daily on the JK show. I didn't move out shortly after I had him, I had no time to consider having my own place and stayed at home with my parents until I was 18.

Over the years, I have done GCSE's and NVQ's, I've done various courses leading me to a large array of certificates and qualifications and I even considered university a little over a year ago. My child, so precious and dear, has never gone without, we have never been without food, gas, electricity or water, clean clothes and a home - the essentials in life. My child has never gone without the luxuries in life, and I have made that all possible. 

I work my hardest to ensure he has a lifestyle I could not afford if I was on benefits, I have made that decision to better our lives and work. I've lost countless amount of hours which builds into days away from my son to give us a more comfortable lifestyle and although it killed at the time, I now happily work from home doing something I love and something my son loves whilst getting paid for it.

Thinking about the last few years and all the news stories we read and hear, I'd just like to ask how many teenage mothers have been on the news for neglecting or abusing their child/children? I can't remember the last time, or the time before that because I cant ever recall seeing a story of such. I do however remember Baby P's mother, Shannon Matthews mother, Hamzah Khan's mother, Daniel's Mother, Keanu Williams mother and loads more. How many of them was teenage/young mother's!? 


I for one know my son has never been in any danger, no one would ever touch my son because if one person ever laid a finger on him, they would be dead. I live for my son, he is my everything, I will die for him and I would go to prison for him. My son has not been starved, or even gone hungry, he has regular meals and snacks at regular times. My son has never been verbally abused or neglected either, he will never have that in his life.

The next time you go on to judge someone, don't pick up the brush and tarnish us all. Everyone in this world is different from each other, we are all unique and not any two of us are the exact same. I am not saying all teenage mother's are excellent, I am just saying I am! Big headed I know, but I have done extremely well for me and my son and the best thing about it is I done it all alone! I didn't rely on help from mummy and Daddy to buy me items, I did it all by myself, me, me, ME!

Remember, no matter how much you preach, individuals will not listen. One more thing before I go, please practise what you preach! I am so tired of seeing so many of you contradict yourselves!

Until next time.


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