Tuesday 26 November 2013

Mumlin - The New Way To Wind Your Baby PLUS Competition!

Once upon a time there was a frazzled twin Mum who got fed up using grubby unattractive muslins to protect her clothes whilst burping her babies. They looked horrid, were invariably on the wrong shoulder, in the wrong place, and frequently fell on the floor.

Aforementioned frazzled Mum was surprised that there were no alternatives available and while baby bibs had been trendy-fied she was left covering designer togs with a scrappy piece of inefficient cloth. With two babies to feeed she had plenty of meal times to dream up a new fandangled product - Mumlin. Mumlin is a stylish and practical way to protect your clothes when burping your baby.

Mumlin is simple but brilliant, a u-shaped piece of soft, absorbent cotton in a range of signature prints that sits over both shoulders to protect your clothes while burping baby. It has been ergonomically designed to ensure it is comfortable to wear and stays in place.

Mumlin can be worn over the front or back depending on how you hold, feed, burp and wind baby. It is just the right size to protect shoulders, back and decolletage and can also be used as a bib on baby.  Mumlins come gift wrapped in a pack of three; one for you to wear, one for the change bag and one for the wash.

The lovely founder behind Mumlin has very kindly offered one of my very lucky readers/visitors the chance to win a gift set of three Mumlins as part of my Christmas feature! Mumlin's are available to buy in packs of three for £19.99 from the official Mumlin website.

For your chance to win a beautiful Mumlin set worth £19.99 enter the competition via the Rafflecopter below!

Good luck,
Jada x

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