Monday 25 November 2013

Country Baskets Advent House Review

When Country Baskets got in touch with me showing off a few of their favourite items, I spent way too much time (good for them, bad for my workload) on their website browsing upon browsing hundreds of beautiful products. Feeling the festive spirit upon us, I found myself spending most of my online visit to the website being made within the Christmas section, its times like that where you wish you was a millionaire to buy it all, for choosing your favourite product becomes some what of a task.

I carried on looking, well staring at the beautiful products and was delighted when Country Baskets offered me the Accs Advent House to review within my Christmas feature. I've never had a advent calender that wasn't chocolate so I was overly excited with thoughts and vision's in my head of what I could fill the advent house draws with!

When the box arrived, the minute I saw a glimpse of what was inside that dull boring brown cardboard box, I got so excited, like a little child at Christmas, only a adult just weeks before Christmas. I unwrapped the parcel tape so carefully and took out the advent house as slowly as I possibly could, it was beautiful and a lot bigger than what I imagined it to be! First opinions do really count in my eyes, my first opinion was great!

The advent house goes up to number 24 just the same as all other advent calendars with 22 pull out draws and two flip up roof tiles for number 23 and 24. The 22 pull out draws are made up of 11 different festive designs; an Angel, candy cane, a bell, a teddy bear, holly, Father Christmas, a rocking horse, a Christmas tree, a drum, a snowman and a nutcracker. 

The house is mainly red with the roof and base of the house being white. The house features a full sized Father Christmas appearing on both the front and back and a full sized Christmas tree appearing on both sides of the house. The advent house is made of wood and is quite heavy to hold, lift or carry so I would say don't put it up too high in case a child tried to get it and it fell on them.

Buying chocolate advent calenders from a shop is convenient but you are limited to choice. Not everyone like's chocolate as mad as it sounds and thankfully with the advent drawers belonging to this house being quite large it is easy to add even a small sized bag of Haribo into it. I filled our advent house with Starburst, Terry's chocolate orange segments, a few Moshi Monster characters (yes it's even big enough for small toys!) and some mini notes from Santa to Spud!

Number 23 and 24 hold a larger amount of treats and I have yet to add something else in apart from a Terry's chocolate orange for the pair of us. I brought those Terry's chocolate oranges for Christmas, that never work's though does it, they never actually last till Christmas! Another thing I did notice with the advent house is that each drawer (even the small ones) do hold more than one treat so a family could easily have a treat each from each daily window! We also noticed the different colouration in the roof tile boxes but this doesn't affect the use of the box and is not visible until the roof tile is lifted up.

All the numbers on the advent house are clear and easily visible to locate. You can choose to have the numbers in order making them easier to find, or do what me and Spud done and mix them all up, it make's it that bit more fun doesn't it!? We are both extremely pleased with out advent house and know it will last us many many years to come.

The Accs Advent House is available to buy for £19.95 from Country Baskets, to find out more about Country Baskets and to view their other fabulous products (make sure you check out the Christmas section!) check out the official website here.

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