Thursday 21 November 2013

Braun ExactFit™ 5 - BP6200 Blood Pressure Monitor Review

About 6 weeks ago I received a Braun ExactFitTM 5 BP6200 blood pressure monitor for the purpose of this review, my family has a history of high blood pressure and I have fainted a few times due to my blood pressure being so low. I normally give review products a two week period to test them over the course of time to see how I got on with them. I have given this product longer due to the price and the clever technology involved with it.

As I mentioned in the paragraph above, I suffer with low blood pressure that has led me to faint within seconds of the symptoms of fainting appearing - dizziness  light headed, dry throat, feeling thirsty and genuinely feeling different (please note these are the symptoms I get!) so it's great to be able to monitor my blood pressure daily. Genuinely, its high blood pressure that is a worry to most, although low blood pressure can cause fainting (in my case), high blood pressure can be more severe leading to a stroke or heart attack if left untreated.

Blood pressure is the pressure of the arterial blood against the arterial walls, when blood circulates through the body. 2 measures are needed to read the Blood Pressure level: the Systolic (SYS) BP (when heart contracts) and Diastolic (DIA) BP (when heart relaxes). Usually readings are measured in mmHG (mm of mercury). High Blood Pressure happens when arteries become narrow due to plague deposition; the pressure of the arterial blood against the arterial walls becomes is higher than normal.

I decided to put the machine I have received through its paces and called in my sister to be my 'model' as I could not take a good enough picture of myself showing the machine in action. Inside the box you will find a manual, two adult cuff sizes in S/M and L/XL, the monitor itself and a handy zip case to store everything in. 

Setting up the monitor was extremely easy, I had to set the date & time and then a little about me such as my age and D.O.B. The monitor can hold info for up to two users so if there is more than one adult in your household, they can monitor their blood pressure too with the option of changing users again extremely easy. The buttons are large, clearly printed and easy to use, the LCD screen displays a clearly visible font with easy to see symbols.

The monitor has been engineered in Switzerland and has a irregular heart beat detector. I was quite worried when on a few occasions the irregular heart beat symbol showed up and I am going to visit a doctor in regards to this. However, any form of talking or moving can result in a inaccurate reading and a cause for the symbol to show so it is extremely important that you try to remain as still as you can and remain tight lipped for the duration of the 'test'.

The 'test' itself is just the same as the doctors, I am pretty sure we have all had our blood pressure checked at some point in our adult lives and some more than others. You simply check what size cuff you are by trying both cuffs on your preferred upper arm and making sure it aligns to where it is suppose to be. When you know your cuff size, take the cuff off your arm and connect the lead to the LCD monitor. Strap the cuff into place on your arm and press the start button (also the power on button) to start the test.

I am not sure about everyone but I personally find the cuff getting tighter and tighter and feel my pulse racing. As the monitor & cuff does its job you can visibly and clearly see the figures raising on the monitor until it finally comes to a stop where it will give you your final result. The monitor also comes with a handy LCD guide to indicate with a traffic light system if your blood pressure is high (up to extreme levels) with green indicating a normal blood pressure result.

Thanks to this machine, I have been able to monitor my blood pressure daily which has shown me I have a normal blood pressure (The machine stores 60 measurements and gives a morning and evening average over the course of seven days). However  as the machine has shown the irregular heart symbol a few times I am seeking advice to put my mind at ease (I am hoping there is nothing to worry about!).

The Braun ExactFit™ 5 - BP6200 blood pressure monitor is available to buy from selected Boots stores nationwide and online for a suggested RRP of £99.99 but its truly worth the money. The monitor comes with 4 x AA Duracell batteries and a 3 year warranty. 

For further details visit the Braun microsite website here which is packed full of information and advice, tips on controlling your blood pressure as well as practical videos showing you how to fit your Braun blood pressure monitor and understand your measurements.

Until next time,
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