Thursday 14 November 2013

Gifting Children & Supporting Children In Need Too!

Tomorrow schools and workplaces across the country will be taking part in various fundraisers for a very special charity - Children In Need. Once a year millions of us across the country will celebrate and dress up to raise money for children that are in need. The UK is  a very generous country and each year we see the millions stack up!

Tomorrow, Spud's school will be dressing up in Pudsy Bear (the face of Children In Need) clothing or their pyjamas and the school are asking for a very small donation of just 50p. To me, I know every little helps but 50p will not help enough.

Every week Spud gets pocket money as well as one or two surprises from me, today I went into town and looked in a few shops until I come to the Build-a-Bear factory in my local shopping centre, a very familiar looking bear caught my eye so I whisked in and out of the early Christmas shoppers and darted across to where the shop stood. Staring back at me was Pudsy Bear (image further on in post) and his friend Blush (image below). I am a big Build-a-Bear fan, so much so my Dad buys me one every year as part of my Christmas present from him, you can never be too old for a bear!

Blush - Pudsy's friend!
Build-A-Bear Workshop has partnered with Children In Need for the 6th year running to bring Pudsey and Blush back into store with proceeds going to the Charity.

Pudsey and Blush furry friends are available in stores nationwide and online at

As always, Guests will have the opportunity to make and stuff their beary own BBC Children in Need mascot in traditional Build-A-Bear Workshop style and then dress them in their NEW pawsome BBC Children in Need licensed pyjama outfits as shown in the images in this post.

This year £5 from every sale of Pudsey and Blush bear, and an additional £1 from the sale of their Children in Need outfits will go directly to BBC Children in Need.

The very famous Pudsy bear!
Why not do what I have done this year? Buy your child/children a gift, a very special one too and support a great charity at the same time?

To find out more about Children In Need check out the website here.

Are you supporting Children In Need this year? Is your child's/children's school getting involved?

Until next time,
Jada x