Wednesday 27 November 2013

WIN 1 Of 2 Cosy Shoppers Worth £15 Each!

The Cosy Shopper is an innovative solution to a common problem for all busy shopping mums – ‘How to protect my child whilst using supermarket shopping trolleys'. It is a protective seat cover with a matching blanket, used to keep baby warm, cosy, clean and comfortable when shopping at the supermarket. It provides an effective barrier to the cold hard seats that are often dirty and wet. Its universal fitting system allows the harness straps to be used to secure baby in the trolley. In addition the double thick fleece and matching blanket keep baby warm and protected from the chilly air conditioning.

Lisa the founder behind Cosy Shopper says on her website Being a modern mum is demanding and a constant daily  challenge. There always seems to be something to do or buy and not enough time to do it. On top of that there’s the constant worry of protecting your precious baby from the germs and dirt we constantly hear about. It was these concerns that inspired and drove me to invent the Cosy Shopper. The frustration of having to wipe clean and dry the baby bucket seat every time I went to the supermarket was ruining my shopping experience, something I really enjoyed.

Once I got my baby into the seat the frustration continued. How do I secure my baby and keep them warm in the seat? Like many mums I tried using a blanket but with a wiggle baby this just fell off leaving her cold. Also I couldn’t use the harness as the blanket went over it, meaning I had to walk around the supermarket holding the trolley with one hand and the baby with the other. It was a constant battle between needing to shop and the need to protect my child.

Another contributing factor in my decision to invent the Cosy Shopper was how to get the best use out of my infant carrier car seat. This was something I used every day and so it needed to be in top condition to meet my hygiene requirements. Additionally, how can I keep my baby comfy as they are made from rough hardwearing material that was very uncomfortable. I also found the infant carrier car seats hard to clean; their covers are not removable for washing which is not practical. Babies are very messy and often spill drinks as well as make their own kind of mess. Having to try and clean these spills and use the carrier the next day was not a pleasant experience.

So I decided to do something about it and sought advice from a business start up exhibition at Olympia in London. I spoke with the patent office who then advised me on the next stage to protect my idea. In 2008 I entered the Mumprenuer on This Morning Programme and the Cosy Shopper was chosen out of 100 new products in the London area and reached the final 8. The Cosy Shopper was also chosen to appear on Dragons’ Den in September 2009 with Shaf Rushal and Julie Meyer. Julie really loved it quoting “I love the Cosy Shopper. Would I buy it for my girlfriends who are having babies, absolutely”.

I think the Cosy Shopper is a fantastic idea and I only wish it was out when Spud was a baby, I was only too familiar with the scenes that Lisa faced of putting my baby into a shopping trolley that was heaving with germs unseen with our eyes! Lisa has very kindly offered two of my lucky reader's/visitors the chance to win a Cosy Shopper of their very own!

For your chance to win, enter the competition via the Rafflecopter below!

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