Ring Ring, Ring Ring, Hello..

I'm sure we've all had it, in fact I'm very sure we've ALL had it. You know them phone call's we didn't ask for, the ones we would never ask for. Them phone calls we receive whilst we are washing up and our hands are wet, so we quickly put the sponge down, grabbing the tea towel off the kitchen side, running into the front room doing an assault course with toys and teddies all over the floor, babies crawling and toddlers running, out of breath you answer the phone to hear ''Hello Miss Jones, I'm calling up on behalf of my company bla bla bla I am just ringing you up to see if you have home contents cover'', you reply no, they go on and on and on and on don't they?

These phone calls are becoming more and more common, cold calling they may be but to me and everyone else I'm sure they are very annoying. My sister Paula had a emergency c-section last year with baby boo, not only was she looking after little big man, she had a new born baby and was in a lot of pain from her c-section. At least once a day she received a phone call from a company trying to sell her insurance, or get her to sign up to a mobile/home phone contract, asking if she had been in an accident that wasn't her fault or if she's been miss sold PPI. 

There annoying aren't they, you want to scream at them don't you? Tell them to do one and never ever contact you again, you've asked them to remove your number from their database but your still receiving calls. You threaten to get them done for harassment, they still call you. You make up excuses, they don't listen. You hang up the phone and they call back. We really can't win can we!! 

The most annoying ones to my sister are the lunch time ones, whilst she is trying to get out the door to get little big man to nursury and her phone rings, so whilst having the baby running off (aww my baby boo can now walk, welll erm run :p) and little big man trying to take off his shoes my sister rushes to the phone and gets stopped in her tracks by one of these cold callers, you feel bad to hang up don't you? Your thinking if they don't get a certain amount of contracts today their not going to get that bonus, if they don't stay on the phone for long enough their getting fired. So what do you do? Do you 

Tell them your not interested your in a rush.

Do what my sister does an makes up a crazy excuse, the funniest being our dogs on the ceiling I've got to rescue it (funniest moment ever it still makes me laugh).

Hang up.

These companies are getting really bad, they sell and pass on your details and are all in it together, they've made you burn your dinner, miss your favourite TV show, they've woke up your baby and disturbed your routine. 

What do you hate most about these cold calls? And whats your funniest excuse you've used?

I'd love for you to leave a comment and let me know! Or simply tell us on Twitter with the hashtag - #don'tcallus 

Until next time,
Jade x


  1. They drive me mad too. My family like to play games with them by making them listen to our life story (all made up ofcourse) they soon get fed up, lol! x

    1. They are so annoying I think they should all stop if people wanted their services I'm sure they would call them and not wait for a call from them! Ahaha love it, turn the tables around so I bet they want to hang up LOL xx

    2. MidnightBaker Griesse14 October 2012 at 07:58

      I get just as annoyed as everyone else - but I always try and remember that the person on the other end of the phone is doing a job to get paid some money - so I will listen to their opening sentence and then politley tell them that I already have insurance / phone contract / double glazing etc (what ever it is that they're selling) and that im not interested at this time. I know we all have busy lives but try and remind myself that the person on the other end of the phone is not deliberately try to annoy us - they're just trying to earn some money xx

    3. That's very true hun, although sometimes I do find it very hard to sympathise with them. The companies that are the worse ones are the ones who say they will remove your number and then you receive a telephone call from them the next day! So annoying xxx