Wednesday 17 October 2012

The 23 Halloween Feature Companies

Mwuahahaha the time has come, are you ready for a fright of your screen's life, weather your on a laptop. computer, mac, tablet or even phone (unless there is any other gadget's I am not aware of) get ready because the next 12 days of post on Unique Young Mummy are going to be all about Halloween!

This is the reason why my blog has been deserted, I have been getting everything ready for my readers and visitors to feast their eyes on!

From yummy limited edition treats to some spooky fabulous toys, decorations and costumes, clothes and crafts, food, books and movies, we are sure to be covering something for everyone! It's just 3 days until our massive Halloween party that I will be hosting on Saturday and the camera's are going to be snap happy taking pictures of everything and everyone in sight (including all the little scary creatures turning up for the party). Make sure you check back every day for something truly monsterific!!

The Fab 23

I've just got to say 23 is my favourite number, isn't it a coincidence 23 companies are involved in our feature by sending us the fab products we will be reviewing and featuring. Anyway here I go here are the fab 23 companies that are involved!!

  1. Sainsbury's
  2. Wilkinson
  3. Poundland
  4. Co-Operative
  5. ASDA
  6. Ocado
  7. LEGO
  8. Spin Master
  9. Popagami
  10. Busy Box
  11. Dirty Fingers
  12. MU Cheese
  13. Mr Kipling
  14. Cadbury
  15. Domino's Pizza
  16. Swizzels Matlow
  17. The Fabulous Bakin Boys
  18. POM-BEAR
  19. Millies Cookies
  20. Cadbury Gifts Direct
  21. HER Cakes
  22. Daddy I'm A Zombie DVD
  23. Tamara Small & The Monster's Ball Book

Until the next spooky post,


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