Sunday 7 October 2012

Amazing News...

This weekend me and Spud have done nothing apart from going to the local shop for a lottery ticket, I didn't win unfortunately, not even a penny, I think I would of had better luck on a scratch card! We have been busy inside the home though, we have played lots of games, watched a few Disney classics DVD's, Ice Age 3 today on the TV, X-Factor, ordered a Chinese and received an amazing phone call from my sister.
Watching Disney The Lion King In Spud's Bedroom

It's Little Big Man's 4th Birthday soon, I still remember the day I found out my sister was expecting little big man, I wasn't meant to know by the way! Well not at the moment I did find out anyway. My sister and my nan popped round to see me and Spud, and whilst I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea for them two (I'm not a fan of hot drinks!) I overheard my nan saying to Spud just think this time next year you will have a little cousin to play with. Still stiring the cup of tea I was making at the time, I picked up the spoon and ran into the front room and said WHATTTT, whilst my sister was slyly trying to elbow my Nan. The secret was out, my Nan kept saying ohh no I mean this time next year he could have a little cousin to play with, I wasn't convinced and waving the tea spoon about I demanded answers, my sister was having her first baby, I was so excited I don't think them cups of tea ever got finished.

My Little Big Man
My sister is 6 years older than me, when we was children I remember us arguing none stop, I suppose in her eyes she had my Mum and Dad for all that time and then I came along and ruined everything (my 2 older brother's and other big sister is from my Dad's first marriage). I don't blame her I would feel the same! We was always arguing and bickering, when she turned 16 I was an annoying 10 year old, she wanted to talk boys with her friends and listen to her music then my head would pop round her bedroom door begging for one of them to paint my nails for me. As we both got older I didn't see my sister a lot, she lived with our Mum and I lived with our Dad, I went round my Mum's every day but my sister was always working or out with her friends.

Me & My Sister, She Said She Was Doing 'MY' Pose.
I then fell pregnant and had Spud and she was still pretty much the same, very head strong, a hard worker who enjoyed her free time by seeing and socialising with her friends. That all changed when my nephew was here, I thank my nephew, my little big man, as thanks to him me and my sister are now really close, I see her as my best friend I tell her everything, she knows more than my best friends, that's because she's my all time best friend.
Spud & Little Big Man
I see my sister Monday-Friday and I love her company, I love spending time with her and little big man and his baby brother too. I don't get bored of seeing her on a daily basis, we never argue and that's something that I hope we never do again, we spent years as children arguing, I could never imagine having an argument with her now though, yes we don't agree on the same things, we both say our opinions and leave it at that. We both have moment's where we think were right, even if secretly the other 1 knows were wrong.

Me & My Sister.
My little big man is going through the process of being statemented with Autism, my sister is a role model, she is an amazing lady and an amazing Mummy. Not only does she look after little big man amazingly she also has his baby brother, baby boo too. She has the biggest heart I've ever known anyone to have and wouldn't hurt a fly, literally! She won't even kill a spider, not even if it was bothering her, she lets it stay as long as it doesn't come near her, then she will have to get a cup and her partner to remove it. She cares for others needs, she's a shoulder to cry on, a great listener, an amazing friend and I am thankful she is my amazing sister, she's beautiful on the inside and the outside.

My Sister's Beautiful Babies, 2 Of My Beautiful Nephews, Baby Boo & Little Big Man.
This year instead of doing a party, my sister is taking little big man away for his Birthday, yesterday morning my sister called me and asked if me and Spud would like to go away with them too, her and my brother in law would pay, we would just need spending money. I felt too cry with happy emotions, I am quite an emotional person, I get happy I cry, I get sad and I cry too! It's very nice of them to think of me & Spud as I cant afford to take us away without saving up which I am terrible at! Gas and Electric make that impossible for me actually, not my saving skills!!! 

Me, My Sister & Our Older Brother.
 I am very grateful to my sister and her partner, for them to think of me and Spud is lovely, to offer to pay for us and to want us there on their little family break is amazing, to know they want to share it with me and Spud too is wonderful. I cant wait, it's on our list (a break away), so that will be another thing I can tick off. I'm excited! I cant wait to get away from here for a few days and to spend some quality time with my sister, brother in law, little big man and baby boo and of course my Spud to celebrate little big mans 4th Birthday.

My Beautiful Little Big Man.
I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend too! 

Until next time,
Jade x


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