Monday 1 October 2012

I'm Feeling Just A Little Bit Sorry For Myself

Cough cough, sneeze, bless you baby/Mummy, ow, owww, ahhh, sniffle. Them words have been the most heard of in our home recently, last week Spud had a bad belly, this week he has a cold, and me too! Thinking about it, me and Spud seem to catch everything going around, weather its a cold or a virus, a bad belly to a stomach bug, you name it, we catch it! I know I shouldn't moan as there are plenty more people in the world in worse situations then mine, but it does get you down a bit, being ill constantly!

So thinking back over the 100's of times we have been ill, something popped into my head, we were both premature babies, me being just under 5 weeks early and Spud being 7 weeks early. I had a theory, there must be a link to premature babies and week immune systems, and yes I was right! After a fellow blogger pointed me in the direction of a source she had found on Google which confirmed my suspicions.

So I think we both need a trip to the DR's too see if there is a way we can boost our immune system.

Can you believe the blog's 2 months old tomorrow? We have some very exciting reviews during October including a spooky scary Halloween feature including loads of exciting scary products ranging from toys to food and decorations!

Until next time,
Jade x


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