Friday 26 October 2012

Spin Master Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab Review

I loved making thing's from arts & craft supplies when I was a child, in fact I still do, however I have never been good at art itself! I can't even draw a stick man right, but I do enjoy arts & crafts, I'm not a baker, I eat what I bake (most of the time) but I'm not a professional, this next item we have been sent for review is something for the children (adult help required).

Do you remember them set's when you was younger? I had a make your own chocolate egg set with the mould's, I was a real girly girl so would only look at anything with flowers and pretty butterflies on. The set we was getting sent for review was something I would of never thought about buying Spud, that was until we tested it and tried it out for ourselves.

My little sister and Spud was well excited when I told them I was getting sent a Spin Master Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab, after browsing the internet for a good hour showing them all these different photo's they started arguing over who was going to have the first go, in a evil sounding voice tone I said ''if you don't stop arguing I will make it and eat it all to myself ahahaha'' they knew I was joking obviously!

The Zombie Lab comes complete with everything you need, you can eat everything you make!

Between the 5 pouches of powder you get, you have enough mix to make over 40 treats! 

You inject the eye with the syringe provided to make a creepy bug, its as simple as putting the mould into the fridge for a little while to set, then as simple as that, its ready to eat.

I personally didn't like the look of anything but Spud and my little sister loved it!

Sadly my Mum's camera ran out of batteries, so I had to search the internet for a picture of one of the creations the lab makes.

The sweet spider you can make with the eye mould.
We have plenty of mix left so we will be sure to use this set again, I'm thinking of doing it with Spud on Halloween as we don't have anything planned.

The Doctor Dreadful Zombie Lab is part of a range of Spin Master Uimagine products, the Zombie Lab is just one of many sets available from the Doctor Dreadful range. It is available to buy from Amazon with a suggested RRP of £24.99.

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