Monday 15 October 2012

Our Weekend

Hello everyone, sorry I have not posted for 3 days, as a blogger this seems such a long time, it feels like I have officially deserted my blog! I've had quite a busy weekend to be honest with you, and on top of the things I have done I have been getting ready for our very first feature on the blog, the Halloween feature where we have 20 fab companies involved! The Halloween feature will officially start on Thursday so keep checking back as from the 18th October there will be something or maybe more than 1 thing posted each day on Halloween! 

On Friday night I had Baby Boo stay over night, Spud slept through the night from 7 weeks old and although I have had Baby Boo a few times overnight I forgot what it was like to do night feeds,  thankfully Baby Boo only woke up once for a bottle so it wasn't too bad! Spud loves having his cousin's over, on Friday he kept trying to get Baby Boo to say his name, it was cute to see them playing together. It's mad to see Baby Boo walking after the hospital told my sister he would not walk until he was 3/4 years old. One minute he was behind me then a moment later he was in Spud's bedroom, I think he was doing some secret sprints when I wasn't looking. I done Baby Boo and Spud their dinner and also forgot how babies love to explore anything and everything, I placed their plates on the floor on the mat I had put down and first things first, Baby Boo picked up his plate and his dinner dropped onto the mat, thankfully it wasn't a messy dinner, it was potatoe waffle's and chicken nuggets so although he squished in a few waffles there wasn't loads and loads of mess. Spud on the other hand was worried Baby Boo would try to tip his dinner on the floor too so guarded it like a chest full of treasure.

On Saturday Spud stayed at my Mum's for the night and I met up with one of my best friends, we was going to go out to the pub but me feeling a lot older than I am was yawning and moaning so we ended up coming back to mine, ordering some food, watched the X-Factor and a film and that was us for the night! 

On Sunday I went to collect Spud from my Mother's, I ended up taking Spud and my beautiful little sister to town for a few hour's, I treated them to a game each and then I brought them lunch and they had a ice cream for the walk back to my Mother's. Believe it or not although my little sister is 10 this was the first time I had ever took her out, it was nice to spend some time with her and I told her when Spud is at school one day I will take her out just me and her (she's home educated). I was home educated during secondary school years so I was around every day throughout my Mother's pregnancy and when my little sister was born, we was very close with my little brother being at school, my big sister at work and my Step Dad at work too it would just be me, my little sister and our Mum. It's madness that she's 10 now, she will always be my baby sister though. 

On Sunday night I went on a little 'ghost' hunting trip with my Mum, Step Dad and little sister, they go about once a month as they are into all of that stuff, it was my first ever time so at 6:30pm we dropped Spud off to my Nan for a few hours (it was meant to be) as he is too young to do anything like this and we was on our way. They go out to Silchester as its not too far from our home town, Silchester is where the Roman's had their battles and the arena still stands. I think I was more scared driving through the country lanes, I was really working myself up, when we got there it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be, but maybe that's because we wasn't picking anything up on the camera, that was until we took 'one more for the road' and there was loads of orbs, that was it the doors were locked and me, my little sister and Mum was like lets get out of here, we lasted 20 minutes due to me freaking out lol. I'm not sure if I will be doing that again, not my cup of tea at all, although I love Halloween and all the cute little friendly ghost I see on the 31st of October, I'm not sure I would like to come across a real one.

It did however get me even more excited for our Halloween feature that will be coming soon! Keep checking back we have 20 fab companies involved!

Until next time,
Jade x


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