Monday 8 October 2012

Moshi Monster Bobble Bots Review

When we was given the opportunity to do a review on Moshi Monster Bobble Bots, Spud was so excited, after collecting both 2 series of cards he couldn't wait to get his hands on these cute little newly released bots as he calls them. We was actually sent the party pack which came with great recipe ideas, packets of crayons and 3 different Bobble Bots.

We invited our next door neighbours 2 children around to help test out the new products, they loved the Bobble Bots just as much as Spud did and not one of them could stop playing with them, they let KT have the pink/purple one as she was the girl, Spud had blue and KS had orange.

They formed their own little fence track as they called it and turned each Bobble Bot on. Each bot as Spud calls them has a little switch at the back that you easily slide to one side to turn on then slide to the other side to turn off. They look really small in the picture's don't they? That's because they are quite small to be honest, but they are fast for their size and really entertaining for the kids.

The idea is simple in my eyes, but who knew simple could entertain kiddies for hours and keep them happy? The Bobble Bots whizz around when turned on all by themselves and in a random order, the idea of the Bobble Bots is for them to be used with a play set which I think the kids would of enjoyed more as they was running all over the place picking them back up and putting them closer to where they was sitting.  Any kind of barrier done the trick though, the children made their own fence and giggled the whole way through their 12 minute session with them and then a popular TV show caught their eyes.

The RRP is £4.99 per Bobble Bots Moshling, they are available to buy from Toys R US, Amazon and many more top toy retailers.

Disclosure - I was sent these products on the basis to review them, I have not received a payment for reviewing these products but instead was compensated as I was aloud to keep the products. All comments and views are of my own/Spud's unless other wise stated and was not influenced in any way shape or form. 


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