Thursday 18 October 2012

Halloween Star Feature Company

Welcome to Unique Young Mummy's Blog first ever feature and it's all about Halloween. The star feature this year is Sainsbury's where they have a great range of items for sale, from table wear to sweets, doughnuts cakes and treats, cute little costumes and home baking cupcakes, terrific pumpkin treat buckets to a big spooky pumpkin pinata at Sainsbury's they really do have it all!

Visit your local Sainsbury's because I'm sure in every department they have something spooky for you to set your eyes on, they have a fab range of costumes that the little ones will look great in starting from just £6, the bakery section has a whole range of sweet treats from doughnuts to cakes, gingerbread skeletons, biscuits, shortcake slices and loads more!

Decorate your home with their fantastic range of table wear, decorations, accessories and more!

Treat your little guest with some fantastic goodies including skull chocolate lollies in both milk and white chocolate, candy necklaces, chocolate eye balls and small chocolate pumpkin balls,

Weather your staying at home or trick'or'treating yourself Sainsbury's are sure to have something for everyone and the reason why I have chosen Sainsbury's as my star company is because I'm sure every single town has a few Sainsbury's, weather big or small I'm sure there is 1 to be found within a 15 mile radius. Luckily for me we have 2 in our town centre (Reading) and although both are not that big they do have great little sections for their Halloween ranges, starting from just £1 you really should check them out!

Sainsbury's have sent us lots of Halloween related products to test out, the reviews will soon be available!

Don't forget to check back every day for something Halloween related, we have just 1 more day until our MASSIVE Halloween party! We're all excited in the family and I'm sure the kids are going to have a great time with all the products we have been sent! You can check out the list of 23 featured companies by clicking on the picture above.

  Until the next Halloween related post,

 Disclaimer: This post has not been suggested by anyone, I have chosen the company myself because it is the easiest store for me, myself personally to get too. I love their cute little range and love the fact the prices are not too expensive!


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